Wednesday, 9 April 2014

H for Hope and Hard work!!

Hope, isn't this something that is common for all of us?! We hope we can lead a good life, we hope we can earn a lot of money, we hope we can have our own happily ever after, just like we read in books or watch in movies, we all hope for something or the other.

But really is Hope that powerful to convert whatever we wish for into a successful outcome?! No it isn't. Though Hope is like a program pre-instilled in human beings, we have to install something called Hard work within that system, in order it give hope a desirable shape that can be appreciated.

No big success is achieved by opting for the path of shortcut, but it is achieved by putting in hours and hours of effort into doing the same thing in order to achieve something extraordinary.
A mere hope of attaining the top post in your company isn't going to miraculously promote you. But utmost Hard work, labour, late office hours, immense brain storming to complete each task at hand, will make you what you want to be.

A person who achieves something throughout shortcut doesn't know the real meaning of success, for Success and Hard work goes hand in hand.

With love


  1. Great post! So deep and gorgeous!

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    I'm doing the A-Z Challenge and my theme focuses on books and the title of the letter of the day!

    1. will surely do that ! :)
      And Thank you!

  2. Hope was popular on the H day, I know at least others who posted on hope: an #atoz er at

    1. Hope is something that keeps all of us going !!