Sunday, 20 April 2014

R for Role!!

A person in her lifetime has to play a variety of roles. She needs to fit into the ever changing characters in order to smoothly sail through that time phase. Also there are certain roles that she plays ever since her birth.

She is a Daughter. She is born with this role and continues to play it no matter what. In this period of her life, she also gets a new tag- that of a Sister. She becomes the responsible mother like figure for another human being. Her love and affection for this person never reduces and she feels protective about him/her.

During the ages of growing up, she also lets in a very strong role sip into her system. She becomes a Friend. Though as a child she does not understand much of this role and feels like being a friend is fun, for she can play with him/her and laugh till their stomach hurts. But as she grows up and is attacked by the sudden pressure of adulthood, being someone’s friend and having one herself, helps her in tackling the problems that are thrown at her constantly. When her friend faces trouble, she is always there to help her and advice her and support her.

After this stage, she is then invited by the role of a Wife. Being able to juggle work and family is quite difficult, but when she is gifted with the most important role of all, which is of being a Mother, she gets an enthusiastic zeal within her to cope with all the pressure in life-work, child, family!!

These are only a few of the roles that she plays, there are many more and as life proceeds the list of roles keep rolling.

I would love to know which role you are playing at the moment and which role has been the best for you so far.

With love


  1. :) luv this post :) its among d reasons why women must be respected :)