Saturday, 19 April 2014

Q for Quotes!!

Its been quite sometime that I have liked the idea of using quotes to motivate myself. Its a natural thing that I have developed to give myself the push that is often needed to achieve greater things. I have felt as if reading the quotes itself gives me some kind of energy, some kind of power from within to go ahead and accomplish what I want.

Quotes have helped in times of stress and despair. When everything looks dark and the road of possibility is narrow, quotes have given me strength to hang on and not lose faith. With every quote, if you attach some personal memory and the quote will then make more sense and the words will sound more meaningful.

Quotes by authors and motivational speakers are what I swear by. And indeed they are a great source to help you in your self improvement. I will post some of the quotes down below.

With love


  1. My favorite motivational quote is from Virgil's Aeneid: They can because they think they can.
    Coincidentally, this year I'm doing quirky quotes for each letter. Stop by and visit:

    1. Will surely visit it soon.
      Thank you.