Monday, 28 April 2014

Y for Year!!

Mornings change into night, days change into week, weeks change into month and months change into a year. Time passes by and as we welcome a new year, we learn from our mistakes from previous year and try to make better decisions and choices.

Year after year we make promises to ourselves to do something or the other, we accomplish some while we fail to keep up with the rest. We, then make resolutions for the year ahead, and attempt at completing them. This is the process we carry on every year.

But somehow during the year, so many events take place that we often lose focus on what we planned on achieving. We forget our primary goal, we deviate from our track and end up doing something completely out of the “to-do” list. Well sometimes that might be a good thing, however most of the times this deviation from the main course of action does more harm than good. 

By the time the year ends and we look at what we have accomplished, just when we are excited to tick off the things from the “to-do” list, we end up ticking only a few. The disorganization in our heads, the lack of focus in one particular thing, the scarce faith within ourselves to be able to achieve what we have aimed for, leads to this incomplete list.

Thus the most important thing to do (can say this from my own experience) is to strongly stick with what you have decided. You should always say this to yourself – “Come what may, I will not let my 100% focus reduce, not even to 95%.” Having to keep up with the same enthusiasm till the end of the year, as you had at the beginning of the year is very difficult. However if you can keep it ,not only will you be able to tick of all the “to-do” items, but will be immensely satisfied to have kept your own promises, that for one full year you have stayed loyal to your commitments, that you have given priority to your promises than getting lured by choices which were good enough to distract you from your ultimate purpose.

This is my goal for the year and would love to know from you all how you feel about each passing year.

With love

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