Thursday, 17 April 2014

O for Old Age!!

Not trying to make this sound terribly serious, but this is a topic that everyone should care about.
Old Age brings with itself a lot of challenges. To have the courage, to live life the way you feel, to be able to stand up for yourself is of utmost importance at this stage of life.

There are so many people out there who are forced to live in old age homes. The reason for that may vary, but bottom line to every story is, they were turning into 'burden'. It is such a low thought on the part of the child who thinks that way about his/her parent. The person who gave birth to you, raised you, struggled all their life to keep you happy, and did so much more than it can be expressed, the moment they become unable to work, to help you in your daily life, you think of them as a 'burden' ?! Such a shame!

Not only old age home, but there are old people who live own their own and have to go out and do the grocery or pay the bills or some other household work, because they are alone and have no one to help them.

When a child grows up with a Grand mother, she is the one who takes care of the child the most! And what happens when this child grows up? She becomes an adult and talks back to this very same person who loved her so much! She leaves no chance to strike an insult or two, picking up various topics. All of this becomes to much for the grand mother to take in. But she has no other option but to keep quite and sob in the dark. No one to care for her tears, no one to ask her the reason, no one to tell her that she is not alone, no one to make her smile.

I am not sure how you guys feel regarding this topic, but do let me know.

With love

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