Friday, 15 May 2015

My Airtel App

Our life is constant race. And what is the most important ingredient in any race? Speed!

The modern age has made us so busy, that loss of a minute can make a huge difference. With the advancement of technology and the innovative thinking/designing, our life is now dependent on “APPs”. Anything we do, we think it would get easier if an app is there. The majority of our time is spent in doing something or the other on the cell phone, so the best way to market a product, which suits the needs of the customers, is through cell phone applications.

Airtel has just got that right! Airtel has come up with a very nice and handy application. A platform that will make the life of their users hassle free. It is one application with which all airtel services can be accessed. Recharges and payments are done through this application and not to mention the safety of the transaction is highly maintained.

Some of the features that really appealed to me were

1.      The idea of all services in one place. We all are living in a very busy world and with all are gadgets and their billing expenses we often get confused as to whether a certain bill has been paid on time. This app makes is possible to have all the services – DTH, broadband, mobile recharge, etc. all together. So you can keep a track of how much rental for broadband has been paid, what’s the status of DTH and so on.

2.      Who doesn’t want free recharge? If someone says no, he/she is lying!! My airtel app has become even more attractive with the feature of first recharge cashback option. So basically once you do your recharge for the first time through the app, you get cashback! Now that’s what we all like, right?

3.      And number three, and the most interesting of it all! Free Data with Internet recharge! Yes, that’s right! So here basically if you recharge for a data pack, you are entitled to get free data. How awesome is that! Since most of our work/fun is through the usage of internet, this feature really gives a boost to the application.

Over all the app is a satisfying experience. It provides for the need of the hour. The main problem of ours is the time constraint. We are greedy human beings- when the bills had to be paid by direct cash transfer we wished for e-billing for telephone, television, etc. and now that is there, we want all of it to be in one single platform, so that our time spent on billing is further cut down. Airtel has made that possible with the all new MY AIRTEL APP.

It is indeed an application suited for our smartphones with easy user interface and attractive features.

With Love,


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Crash The Pepsi IPL

I am casting my vote for the following ads made by users for the ##CrashThePepsiIPL .

Crash The Pepsi IPL - Winner - Living It

Kaushal Shah

This video is what we call a well-knit video. It talks about life from everyone's prospect. How Pepsi has walked into our lives many years ago and now is a part of our daily routine. Its packaging is so good, that most Indians use it in some form or the other. This video is one such rare collection, demonstrating all the possible uses of the Pepsi can/bottle. The sentiments of the people are put in this ad very skillfully. How a mother uses the bottle to grow a few plants, how siblings use it to fly kites, how it forms a part of someone’s memory, how roadside vendors use it for their bread and butter, how someone uses it to have fun, how it is used in a different fashion for styling, how friends and family uses it to play a game. It’s Pepsi that has been there in our lives and will continue to be there for many more years to come.

Crash the Pepsi IPL – Winner – Rajma - Upma

 Keerthi Natarajan

Living in the south and also in the north, this ad is something which seemed very very interesting to me personally. The tiff that goes on between the North Indians and the South Indians is so well portrayed in this video. It almost made me laugh, how they fight over the food they have with them. It’s a very common thing among these two communities to fight over the food choice. However, the ending is very nicely thought out. There is always something that binds all communities of a country together. And what better than a bottle of Pepsi! After their show off of the food, when they both take out the bottle of Pepsi, it is a moment of friendly connect. I appreciate this video a lot.

Crash the Pepsi IPL - Winner - Serve

Nikita Deshpande

This ad for me is a total Winner!! The theme of Pepsi IPL is literally explained so beautifully that I am pretty much out of words! How cleverly thought of, how nicely scripted and how beautifully linked with the theme. It almost brought a smile on my face when I saw the Rosgulla and the mention of Kolkata’s team- KKR. And there is no doubt that everyone who watches this will have a smile on their face when they hear their favorite city/ their hometown’s team. I believe the creator of this ad video had an aim to touch the hearts of all their viewers. And I am so happy to say, you did great! And the ad was beautified with the mention of Pepsi at the end of it all, with the IPL tune! Well done indeed.

 “I’m voting for the best ads in the#CrashThePepsiIPL activity in association with BlogAdda from 8th May to 14th May. Are you?”

With Love,

My Strength- MA

The creator of me, the ultimate definition of power, the most sensitive at the same time the most daring, my mother, my MA.

Since I was a kid, I have seen you do all that you can in your stride, to make my life better. Every obstacle I face is made easy by your presence. You are my first friend, my first guide, my first expert in life Teaching me how to talk, how to walk when I was a child, you explained to me the meaning of life.

As I grew up, you taught me that the outside world is not a fairytale land, but a place to fight for mere existence. You give me courage when I am in doubt of myself, you give me strength when I am weak, you stand by me when the world thinks I am wrong, could I ever thank  you for what I have become?

The journey towards a better future, to have a better career is your dream. You stand by me now and push me along, so I don’t lack the motivation I need. Parting with me, you endured so much pain, yet you put on a bold face and let me go ahead.

This one day is not enough to tell you how much you mean to me. 
Words and gifts are trivial in comparison to what you have given me.
Every day I feel blessed to have you in my life.
You are the WORLD's BESTEST MOTHER, I say with Pride! 
I may not show you my love, 
I may fight with you over stuff, 
I throw tantrums for no good reason,
but that is only because it is you who will bear with all that and yet love me every day, every season!
I love you Ma. 
You are my first friend, you are my best friend and you are loved more than gestures can express!
Happy Mother's Day!

With Love,



One word which is known to the young and the old. Often for couples they say-“matches are made in heaven”. I say friends are made in heaven.

I might have a whole different outlook towards this concept. I don’t think the whole idea of having someone to go out with and spending recklessly at some pub counts for friendship, (maybe it is the case for some). However, for me friendship is that connection which is so strong that even if you are far away from him/her, you feel their presence in your life. The fact that ever met of yours, be it after a day, a week, a month or a year, it’s exactly the same. The equation never changes. You don’t feel, that the lack of your physical presence caused a harm to your friendship.


Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.
As we grow up, we meet ‘n’ number of people, we try to become friends, but the connection is what matters the most. The heart to heart connection is what I am talking about. Friends are those that wont judge you for gaining those extra pounds of holiday weight, they won’t look down upon you if you lack knowledge somewhere, (they will rather help you in learning about the topic), around them you won’t feel left out if you are broke, they will understand your sadness after breakups and will say something which will immediately crack you up, and the list goes on. They are a rare bunch of crazy, awesome, lunatics and the offenses against them are what strengthens the friendship!


Friends are for keeps,
With them you share the feels.
To find them is the treasure hunt of life,
Once found, you know you will never have to hide.
P.S. - Dedicated to all my lovely friends, you guys mean the world to me! Love you!

With Love,


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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

A to Z Challenge 2015 Reflection

This year's writing challenge has been a massive success for me personally. The whole idea about coming up with a new idea every single day, being in sink with your thoughts and emotions, putting your creative car into fourth gear and accelerating the pace as the challenge proceeds is a great way to enjoy the month. It is certainly a very thoughtful initiative as it definitely gives all those like me, who are so busy that they are unable to get down to writing on a continuous basis, the derive to give in all they have to write what they feel.

This year has been really amazing and I am looking forward for 2016 A to Z Challenge,

With Love,