Saturday, 22 February 2014


After having had a series of upsetting days, with all  the negativity filled within me, I felt it was time for me to change my life for the better. So I google'd for happy days and this 100 HAPPY DAYS site caught my attention. I read through the page and instantly felt , "This is what I need right now!"

This challenge is rather an interesting one, it is about finding something, anything that makes you happy. The only trick is that you need to find it every single day. A challenge to find happiness daily.
How ever much we say that we can't find something that makes us happy everyday, if we dig deep, if we look around a little more, if we try to let go of our selves to view the larger world, I am sure we will succeed in finding things- large or small, that brings joy !!

A certain someone once told me - "Trust me , it will be amazing once you learn to be happy." 

Having said this, I am all geared up to start my #100HAPPYDAYS . I have signed up for the challenge and am determined to complete it .
Will keep posting about the progress and improvement I have made in the way I view my life.

With Love ~ V_RinkiD_V

Saturday, 15 February 2014

5 Things In Everyday Life !!

Hey Everyone!
Today I  would like to list down 5 things without which I completely freak out !!

  1. My Mobile Phone - Safely I can call it my life. It is quite the replacement for the long distance best-friend I have :)
  2. Laptop - Do I even need to explain? No Laptop = No blogging !!
  3. Coffee - Sounds weird?? Lately I have become so addicted to coffee that the concept of  "coffee will help you stay awake!" doesn't apply anymore.
  4. Music - Sadness , Happiness, name it and you have the right kind of music for it. It surely is an amazing medicine !
  5. T2 - Most of us living in Kolkata will know about this! (it is a complementary paper along with The Telegraph) . Yes, I know its silly but its true. I am addicted to it!! And monday morning is a morning filled with sadness since there is no issue of T2 on mondays. 
With this I conclude my listing of 5 things that I cant do with out in my everyday life!
Hope you guys liked it.
What are the things that you cant do without in your daily life? Post it in a comment below! :)

With love ~ V_RinkiD_V

Saturday, 8 February 2014

The So Called Valentine Week!!

21 years have passed and I am yet to find logic in this whole Valentines day Drama!!
(Yes I know some of you might get offended by this , but it is just my personal view. )

So now, as I have mentioned, for me this day really has no "special" meaning ! Its like a day for people with all the leisure and free time in the world and who are willing to waste some good amount of money on such unnecessary things like flowers, candies, jewellery , teddy bear and what not!!

As if that was not enough , recently I came to know about something called Valentine Week! One full week for these crazy "lovers"  to continue wasting their hard earned money (or their parent's money) for something that is so so superficial. Frankly speaking , which genius came up with this brilliant idea?!

Rose Day- Okay , so apparently on this day you gift your partner a Rose.Why? Can't you gift an orchid or something?!

Propose Day-For lovers who haven't yet named their relationship , maybe this day makes sense. But what about couples? I mean they are already in a relationship, for them how is propose day going to make any difference!!!

Chocolate Day- Haha, this is the best! So you know that your girlfriend here is concerned about her figure and body weight, despite that you wish to feed her with a whole bunch of chocolate?! :O

Teddy Day-Alright, why would someone name a day as teddy day??!  So in a relationship only a guy has to gift a girl , not the other way round?! No, no I am just asking , since if it is allowed for girls to gift guys, which guy would like being gifted a Teddy Bear?!!!

Promise Day-We all know deep down in our hearts that we aren't going to keep up with whatever promise we make, then why make the promise!! Abiding by the rule "Promises are meant to be broken" ?!

Hug Day-Oh, so now you require a day to be named so that you can hug your partner?? Normally you are so busy that you can't hug him/her?

Kiss Day-So by naming a day Kiss Day, will the kiss be more affectionate , warm and comforting??!

And Last but not the least
Valentines Day- On this day you suddenly remember that your girlfriend is so important that you make out-of-the-world plans to please her!!

 I say if you didn't pile up the day with so many of your amazing ideas and made an effort everyday to just hug her or kiss her or gift her once in a while, then I really don't think why this day or this week will be such a huge deal!

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With love ~ V_RinkiD_V

Friday, 7 February 2014

Annoying People In Metro Trains!!

Hey Everyone! How are you enjoying this beautiful day?! Good? Very well then..

So after a lot of brain storming as to what I should write in my next post, I came up with this! ANNOYING PEOPLE AT THE METRO !!
Being a daily passenger, I often tend to run into these amazingly strange bunch of people. Oh my God! I dont know how to put it in words, but the following types of people are the craziest lot of human being I have ever come across!!
Without further delay , lets start!!

This my friend , is the most annoying group of aunties and kids , who love to stare away at your face for no reason what-so-ever!! They are standing -they stare, they are sitting next to you - they stare , they are sitting in a bench at the platform - they stare!!! Why do you stare ??!! Haven't you seen a human before??

So this fine group has mastered the art of talking in such a manner , that there is hardly a moment when they put their fine lips to rest!! Early in the morning when I am struggling to keep my eyes open , here enters this lot who with all their energy and effort talk about everything and anything on this planet earth ! I fail to understand why would you want to use all your energy by talking at the top of your voice early in the morning than preserving it and utilizing it in your work place?!

(I am sure people living in India will definitely relate to this .)
This category comprises of people who search for an opportunity to pick up a verbal fight and for no reason make a huge deal out of it. For eg- if by mistake a man enters the ladies section of the compartment , BAM!! You have called for a fight my friend!! I understand that there is very little space for most people to accommodate but fighting , really?? how does that help.! you are only wasting you our energy!!

Anyways I am gonna warp it now!! With the amount of mean things that I have written  I hope you guys dont Hate me!!  Because I Love you guys!! And all the Aunties and Uncles, if you felt bad I am extremely sorry!! :)

I would like to know from you guys, what should I write about in my next post.
Also write to me about any 2 kinds of annoying people you have had to deal with!
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 With love ~ V_RinkiD_V

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Vacationing at the Beach !!

Hey Everyone ! How have you been?! I am sure everyone is doing great . :)

So I just returned from a mini-vacation. Yes, you guessed it right, I went to the beach in Puri, India.
For those who aren't familiar with this beach , let me tell you , it is quite a tourist attraction and Puri is also one of the most Sacred place for the Hindus.

I went there for just 3 days , but for the most of it I was sitting at the beach , staring at the sea, hearing the sound of the waves and enjoying myself completely. Since its winter here, walking up early was quite a challenge. Nevertheless I did wake up since the morning view is just too pleasant to be missed. Another reason for the early wake up was that a large number of fishermen catch fishes all night and sell it at the beach the next morning, so having never witnessed anything like that , I was more than excited to see it.
Morning view

The afternoon was when I preferred not to leave my hotel room  (blazing Sun) !!

In the evening as I walked in the beach I saw something extraordinary. Some artists created magnificent sculptures with sand!! Yes you heard me right, SAND !! I couldn't believe how talented these men were to build something so amazing. Some made faces of Hindu Gods like Shiva and Ganesha , while others made a full body mermaid or even the face of Gautama Budhha ! I remained spell bound seeing the artistic quality that these men possess and sincerely wish they get their due recognition !

Soon the 3 days came to an end and it was time to return home, where there is more buildings than greenery & more polluted air than clean breeze. However I still have memories to cherish upon and intend to go vacationing at some other beach soon!

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Have a great day ahead,
With love ~  V_RinkiD_V

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Pen Friend !!

Hey Everyone ! Its been quite sometime since I last posted in my blog, so before starting I would like to apologize for the delay.

So, now that you all have read the header, I am quite sure many of you have had Pen Friends, so I thought why not share my experience of having one as well!

This is about the friend I have had for quite sometime now. ( Since I don't want to disclose the person's identity, for convenience lets call the person "A" )

"A" added me on a social networking site, through a mutual friend. Unlike my thoughts regarding how this friendship will turn out to be, whether we will have anything to talk about, whether the awkwardness (of not meeting a person and yet writing to each other) will persist or not , I realized that it is actually just my misconception. "A" is a very nice person, never forgets the limit , never does something that might offend me. Since we both are from the same study background, I often seek A's help in a variety of study related issues. Its really sweet of "A" to not get angry and annoyed with all the nagging I do!! I know now that even though we have never met, if I face any trouble or seek help, "A" will not back out from lending a helping hand.

Its funny how some of my friends find it absolutely insane and cannot figure out how we are still talking to each other without meeting. But I  know that I cannot  really explain it to them. :)

However, I would like to wrap it up now. I know there are many of you out there who have pen friends too. So please feel free to write a comment or share it !

Have a Great Day Ahead everyone!!
With love ~  V_RinkiD_V