Saturday, 8 February 2014

The So Called Valentine Week!!

21 years have passed and I am yet to find logic in this whole Valentines day Drama!!
(Yes I know some of you might get offended by this , but it is just my personal view. )

So now, as I have mentioned, for me this day really has no "special" meaning ! Its like a day for people with all the leisure and free time in the world and who are willing to waste some good amount of money on such unnecessary things like flowers, candies, jewellery , teddy bear and what not!!

As if that was not enough , recently I came to know about something called Valentine Week! One full week for these crazy "lovers"  to continue wasting their hard earned money (or their parent's money) for something that is so so superficial. Frankly speaking , which genius came up with this brilliant idea?!

Rose Day- Okay , so apparently on this day you gift your partner a Rose.Why? Can't you gift an orchid or something?!

Propose Day-For lovers who haven't yet named their relationship , maybe this day makes sense. But what about couples? I mean they are already in a relationship, for them how is propose day going to make any difference!!!

Chocolate Day- Haha, this is the best! So you know that your girlfriend here is concerned about her figure and body weight, despite that you wish to feed her with a whole bunch of chocolate?! :O

Teddy Day-Alright, why would someone name a day as teddy day??!  So in a relationship only a guy has to gift a girl , not the other way round?! No, no I am just asking , since if it is allowed for girls to gift guys, which guy would like being gifted a Teddy Bear?!!!

Promise Day-We all know deep down in our hearts that we aren't going to keep up with whatever promise we make, then why make the promise!! Abiding by the rule "Promises are meant to be broken" ?!

Hug Day-Oh, so now you require a day to be named so that you can hug your partner?? Normally you are so busy that you can't hug him/her?

Kiss Day-So by naming a day Kiss Day, will the kiss be more affectionate , warm and comforting??!

And Last but not the least
Valentines Day- On this day you suddenly remember that your girlfriend is so important that you make out-of-the-world plans to please her!!

 I say if you didn't pile up the day with so many of your amazing ideas and made an effort everyday to just hug her or kiss her or gift her once in a while, then I really don't think why this day or this week will be such a huge deal!

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With love ~ V_RinkiD_V


  1. A female perspective.. cud have been better if it was gender neutral. A small typo in d starting line, shud have been 21 years have 'passed'.
    Ki kichu bhul bollam ki?