Friday, 7 February 2014

Annoying People In Metro Trains!!

Hey Everyone! How are you enjoying this beautiful day?! Good? Very well then..

So after a lot of brain storming as to what I should write in my next post, I came up with this! ANNOYING PEOPLE AT THE METRO !!
Being a daily passenger, I often tend to run into these amazingly strange bunch of people. Oh my God! I dont know how to put it in words, but the following types of people are the craziest lot of human being I have ever come across!!
Without further delay , lets start!!

This my friend , is the most annoying group of aunties and kids , who love to stare away at your face for no reason what-so-ever!! They are standing -they stare, they are sitting next to you - they stare , they are sitting in a bench at the platform - they stare!!! Why do you stare ??!! Haven't you seen a human before??

So this fine group has mastered the art of talking in such a manner , that there is hardly a moment when they put their fine lips to rest!! Early in the morning when I am struggling to keep my eyes open , here enters this lot who with all their energy and effort talk about everything and anything on this planet earth ! I fail to understand why would you want to use all your energy by talking at the top of your voice early in the morning than preserving it and utilizing it in your work place?!

(I am sure people living in India will definitely relate to this .)
This category comprises of people who search for an opportunity to pick up a verbal fight and for no reason make a huge deal out of it. For eg- if by mistake a man enters the ladies section of the compartment , BAM!! You have called for a fight my friend!! I understand that there is very little space for most people to accommodate but fighting , really?? how does that help.! you are only wasting you our energy!!

Anyways I am gonna warp it now!! With the amount of mean things that I have written  I hope you guys dont Hate me!!  Because I Love you guys!! And all the Aunties and Uncles, if you felt bad I am extremely sorry!! :)

I would like to know from you guys, what should I write about in my next post.
Also write to me about any 2 kinds of annoying people you have had to deal with!
You can write on the comment box below or via Twitter @V_RinkiD_V and also post a Thumbs up (Like button on the left hand side)!!

 With love ~ V_RinkiD_V

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