Sunday, 17 November 2013


Dance has always been a passion , a place of happiness , a place where I can escape from everything that is happening around me and feel the soul being free from all restraints. 

Though I couldn't take up dance as a profession, my love for dance has not faded one bit.Even now when a song plays, I move with the flow of music and feel the joy of being able to do all that I want to, with no one stopping me. 

The best part about dance is that you get to do your own thing, create your own step, your own posture, your very own choreography . Through dance you can depict happiness, sadness, anger, frustration, freedom, love and so much more , all at the same time , through one single piece. 

Dance makes me feel alive , makes me feel like I am a part of something bigger, helps me take that leap of faith and gives me the courage to show the world my talent. When I perform on stage, the lights, the audience nothing seems to matter that much. At that time , in front of me is a huge space which I own for the next few minutes and where I can live my life . 

I wish sometime in the near future , I will be able to perform on the dream platform and hope to keep the love for dancing alive within me. 

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Baffled Soul

Have you ever come across a point in your life when you have no idea what to do , where to go , what decision to take next or feel like you can't breathe with so much going on ? I have.

Can't precisely describe the problem but all I know is, it is a cluster of emotions leading to a havoc inside my head.

The point in life when you have to decide what you will do next , what career you will pick is an extremely difficult decision to make. To figure out which is "the" suitable path to choose , what you want to do for the rest of your life is a decision that one has to make with a lot of judgement. 

I don't know if I am alone here, or there are others facing this kind of a situation. I know this is not an easy decision to make and even though this feels like a crisis situation , I am sure this phase in my life will pass quickly. And in the end I will be able to make the right choice. :)