Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Z for Zipping (It)!!

After a month full of anticipation and wait and expectation, finally the challenge draws towards the end, with today being the last day.

Being a first timer in this challenge, I did not have a preplanned list of topics written and pre-scheduled. So waking up every morning and brain storming for a topic was pretty crazy. The innumerous edits and scrapping of the whole material now seems fruitful. Now when I look back at those 25 days, I really feel proud of myself  for having kept my promises, for  having lived up to my commitments (drawing a string of thought from my last day’s post).

This challenge was a fun experiment in itself and it is truly surreal to know that there are so many people who read my blog post. It allowed me to connect with other bloggers, with whom I would have otherwise never connected. I must also mention that this challenge helped me in getting a flow in my writing. Previously I would feel lazy and post something rarely. But this challenge got me into writing daily, thereby making it almost a habit to post something or the other everyday. And must I mention, I did miss not posting on Sundays.

So, summing up these fun filled 26 days , I would now like to zip up the challenge and hope to hear from you guys.

With love

Monday, 28 April 2014

Y for Year!!

Mornings change into night, days change into week, weeks change into month and months change into a year. Time passes by and as we welcome a new year, we learn from our mistakes from previous year and try to make better decisions and choices.

Year after year we make promises to ourselves to do something or the other, we accomplish some while we fail to keep up with the rest. We, then make resolutions for the year ahead, and attempt at completing them. This is the process we carry on every year.

But somehow during the year, so many events take place that we often lose focus on what we planned on achieving. We forget our primary goal, we deviate from our track and end up doing something completely out of the “to-do” list. Well sometimes that might be a good thing, however most of the times this deviation from the main course of action does more harm than good. 

By the time the year ends and we look at what we have accomplished, just when we are excited to tick off the things from the “to-do” list, we end up ticking only a few. The disorganization in our heads, the lack of focus in one particular thing, the scarce faith within ourselves to be able to achieve what we have aimed for, leads to this incomplete list.

Thus the most important thing to do (can say this from my own experience) is to strongly stick with what you have decided. You should always say this to yourself – “Come what may, I will not let my 100% focus reduce, not even to 95%.” Having to keep up with the same enthusiasm till the end of the year, as you had at the beginning of the year is very difficult. However if you can keep it ,not only will you be able to tick of all the “to-do” items, but will be immensely satisfied to have kept your own promises, that for one full year you have stayed loyal to your commitments, that you have given priority to your promises than getting lured by choices which were good enough to distract you from your ultimate purpose.

This is my goal for the year and would love to know from you all how you feel about each passing year.

With love

Sunday, 27 April 2014

X for Xmas!!

With really few words to choose from, I decided to write about Christmas or Xmas in short. 
Neither am I a Christian nor do I live in a country where it is celebrated as much, yet I have found memories of this day. 

These memories are a result of my education in a christian school. Every year there would be a concert, a drama would be staged based on the story of Jesus Christ's birth. There would be songs sung to welcome the holidays, someone would get dressed as Santa and go around distributing candies and everyone would greet each other 'Merry Christmas' and Happy Holidays.

When I was a kid, Christmas eves went by decorating the Christmas tree and hanging up a sock with a letter to Santa inside it. The day of Christmas was even more exciting with presents from my mother and then a full day of watching television. Being from a christian school, I would offer my pray to Christ-My Lord and sing hymns and thank him for all that He has blessed me with.

Now when I watch movies and shows, which portray this day as a huge holiday, I wish I could experience it once and feel the excitement with everyone else who are pumped up about the day. 

With Love

Saturday, 26 April 2014

W for Worth!!

Worth is such an important term in everyone's life. To value people as per their worth is really essential.
There are various ways in which people often feel neglected or worthless. This is the core problem which needs to be solved.

When two people are in a relationship, there are times when they forget to acknowledge the worth of the other person. Though this might not seem like much of a problem but repeated act of negligence might ruin the relationship. There is no specific way in which a person can feel worthless, but take this as an example-
    The girl messages the guy and waits for his reply, while she is on a tour in a different country. She sees the 'last seen' time and it shows a time that is after the message sent time. This might not seem like a big deal for the guy, but the girl sure feels neglected.

Another example of failure to show worth is this-
  A working lady comes home after a very stressful day in office and has to cook dinner for the family. The food doesn't taste as good and her family members instead of asking her about her day in office and diverting the attention from the food, criticize her and make her feel guilty about the food cooked.

These are examples to illustrate the fact that it is of utmost importance to make a person feel worthy. Life is filled with so much stress and complication, work and peer pressure, among all this the only thing that a person wishes for is to be loved by their dear ones and be felt worthy enough.

This was something that I feel needs attention. Do let me know what are your views in this regard.

With love

Friday, 25 April 2014

V for Variety!!

Variety! This is something that I seem to have mastered in my life! No kidding, my life is filled with an awful number of things that appeal to me.

Dance ranks the highest among the things that add variety to my life. I am a dance lover, a dance freak. Having been trained for over 10 years, this only seems too obvious. Dance makes me happy, it creates a special bubble of happiness that can be experienced wile training. All the hours of dancing, all the hours of hard work, they all seem nothing but sheer enjoyment to me. Never had I felt that I am tired of dancing, or felt that when would this training session end, that would almost be blasphemy! Rambling about Dance is quite my favorite topic, so I would now get on with the next variety in my life.

Books!! Though this has been a new found addiction, it seems to be overpowering my life more than I had imagined or anticipated. I am going through a strange phase , where I am feeling empty if I am not reading a book.

Next up is writing. Though I am not a decent writer as of now. But things are looking quite high on anticipation. Writing hasn’t been the most “wanted” thing in my list of things to do, but I have always had the wish to write.

Ok the next thing might sound absurd but I will mention it anyway! Talking!! O my God! The amount I speak isn’t even funny. My mother gets so irritated at times with my constant chattering, that she literally has to ask me to stop!

So, these are the few of my varieties in life. Everyone  has variety in life, and I would love to know from you guys what are your varieties!

With love

Thursday, 24 April 2014

U for Urge!!

The basic meaning of urge is to induce, to persuade! To have the urge to do something is essential in everyone’s life!

Like some of my previous posts on A for Accomplishment and T for Try, this post also follows the same line of thoughts. What I am trying to say is, to accomplish anything we must have the urge in the first place. It isn’t something that anyone can instill within us but for us to find it in ourselves.

To achieve greater things, we must find out why we want to achieve them, we must figure out what makes it so special that we want to have it for ourselves. Because if we find that out, we will then gather the Urge to move ahead in this path, will find the urge to eliminate any obstacles and emerge as a success.

When someone says-‘I am going to start a business!’ He is essentially saying it out of the urge to work for something of his own.  When your boss gives you orders, don’t take it as another work load, but think of it as an opportunity to show your capabilities. This is the urge that is being talked about.

Dig deep inside yourself and find out that urge in everything that you do in your life. For, doing something that you don’t care about is equal to wasting your valuable time.

With love

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

T for Try!!

Have you ever faced a situation where you tell yourself- 'No, I can't do this' or 'This is beyond my capabilities.' ? These are the traps in life which if you view in  a negative prospect, can bring you down or if you look at it with a positive eye, will bring out your true potential!

The situations that you face are indeed difficult and daring, but to overcome these, you don't require rocket science! All you need is to Try! The willingness to try and move forward, the power within to go ahead and face the fear, the force inside you that says - 'Yes, can have it in you to do it!' , is there in you, all you need to do is wake them up. You have to listen to the sound of the 'Brave You' speaking. The voice might not be dominant at first, and that is exactly what you are required to do. You are required to give the faint sound within you, a greater power to capture your mind, to envelope your thoughts with the assurance that you can overcome the obstacle.

Though these are easier said than done, if it is implemented, it will do you more good than bad. The idea is to Try and push yourself, to bring yourself to the edge and to abandon all the fears. Once you are able to do this, there will be nothing that can scare you, that can shake your belief in yourself.
And thus the most important thing to do is to try and believe in yourself, rather than listening to others who wish to bring you down, who stand as a barrier between you and your success.
Life Will Always Try To Make Things Difficult For You 
But Every Time You Overcome Difficulties You Come Out Stronger.
Hope you guys liked this thought, for it is crucial to let go of your fears and try to overcome the obstacles.

With love

Monday, 21 April 2014

S for Silver!!

More often than not, I come across people who prefer gold over silver. And being from a country where household women hold 11% of the world’s gold reserve, I can hardly deny the fact the gold attracts them far more than silver.
However, I, for one, love silver like nothing else. Silver ornaments are so much more appealing to me, that I can easily ignore a sack full of gold jewels and by happy to have whatever little silver ornaments I have.

The small earrings and pendants are the ones that attract my attention more than big chunky neck pieces. The detailed design in that tiny framework catches my interest and thus, every time I purchase something it is inevitably the small ones.

Silver items like rings and bracelets are also some of my favorite picks. Silver bracelets make a good accessory, when you want to keep it simple yet elegant.  As for rings, however much I say is not enough! They are my soul-mate! I have a huge fascination for these and absolutely love collecting them!

Silver has beauty of its own, the color of it is more appreciable when the ornament's design is inclusive of sparkling stones.

I would love to know from you all whether you all like silver accessories and if so, which one is your absolute favorite!

With love

Sunday, 20 April 2014

R for Role!!

A person in her lifetime has to play a variety of roles. She needs to fit into the ever changing characters in order to smoothly sail through that time phase. Also there are certain roles that she plays ever since her birth.

She is a Daughter. She is born with this role and continues to play it no matter what. In this period of her life, she also gets a new tag- that of a Sister. She becomes the responsible mother like figure for another human being. Her love and affection for this person never reduces and she feels protective about him/her.

During the ages of growing up, she also lets in a very strong role sip into her system. She becomes a Friend. Though as a child she does not understand much of this role and feels like being a friend is fun, for she can play with him/her and laugh till their stomach hurts. But as she grows up and is attacked by the sudden pressure of adulthood, being someone’s friend and having one herself, helps her in tackling the problems that are thrown at her constantly. When her friend faces trouble, she is always there to help her and advice her and support her.

After this stage, she is then invited by the role of a Wife. Being able to juggle work and family is quite difficult, but when she is gifted with the most important role of all, which is of being a Mother, she gets an enthusiastic zeal within her to cope with all the pressure in life-work, child, family!!

These are only a few of the roles that she plays, there are many more and as life proceeds the list of roles keep rolling.

I would love to know which role you are playing at the moment and which role has been the best for you so far.

With love

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Q for Quotes!!

Its been quite sometime that I have liked the idea of using quotes to motivate myself. Its a natural thing that I have developed to give myself the push that is often needed to achieve greater things. I have felt as if reading the quotes itself gives me some kind of energy, some kind of power from within to go ahead and accomplish what I want.

Quotes have helped in times of stress and despair. When everything looks dark and the road of possibility is narrow, quotes have given me strength to hang on and not lose faith. With every quote, if you attach some personal memory and the quote will then make more sense and the words will sound more meaningful.

Quotes by authors and motivational speakers are what I swear by. And indeed they are a great source to help you in your self improvement. I will post some of the quotes down below.

With love

Friday, 18 April 2014

P for Post!!

This is something that popped up in my head while I was brain storming for a topic on P.
This challenge is making me go crazy at times,  searching for a new idea and writing about it is for sure not an easy task. And to add to this, is the pressure of posting within a time limit. Coming back from office and having to search for a topic is insane.

But once the post is complete and its published, the happiness is pretty amazing . And what makes it even more special is when people read the post and comment on it, appreciate it. And I know its the case for everyone out there who is participating in this challenge.

There are people who are really into this challenge and are writing some stories. I am in awe of those who are so creative and have such writing capabilities. This challenge has indeed created a writing habit in me and I am thankful for that.
 I wish each and every member of this challenge all the very best for the last few days left in the completion of this challenge.

I would love to know how you guys are doing so far in the challenge.

With love

Thursday, 17 April 2014

O for Old Age!!

Not trying to make this sound terribly serious, but this is a topic that everyone should care about.
Old Age brings with itself a lot of challenges. To have the courage, to live life the way you feel, to be able to stand up for yourself is of utmost importance at this stage of life.

There are so many people out there who are forced to live in old age homes. The reason for that may vary, but bottom line to every story is, they were turning into 'burden'. It is such a low thought on the part of the child who thinks that way about his/her parent. The person who gave birth to you, raised you, struggled all their life to keep you happy, and did so much more than it can be expressed, the moment they become unable to work, to help you in your daily life, you think of them as a 'burden' ?! Such a shame!

Not only old age home, but there are old people who live own their own and have to go out and do the grocery or pay the bills or some other household work, because they are alone and have no one to help them.

When a child grows up with a Grand mother, she is the one who takes care of the child the most! And what happens when this child grows up? She becomes an adult and talks back to this very same person who loved her so much! She leaves no chance to strike an insult or two, picking up various topics. All of this becomes to much for the grand mother to take in. But she has no other option but to keep quite and sob in the dark. No one to care for her tears, no one to ask her the reason, no one to tell her that she is not alone, no one to make her smile.

I am not sure how you guys feel regarding this topic, but do let me know.

With love

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

N for Nail Paint!!

Ok!! I am obsessed about nail paints!! I am not kidding. The amount of nail paints I buy isn't even funny!! I went through a phase when I literally bought like 2 nail paints per month.

Putting on a nail paint is fun, it makes me feel happy and its the best time pass for me!! Now this nail paint I put, stays on for a maximum of 3 to 4 days, after which I get bored with the color and remove it. And then I am always in a situation where I feel like I have no nail paints and eventually go shopping for a new color.

Its needless to say, I am a fail when it comes to nail paints. Its as if the colors call me and plead to be purchased!! I have had moments while travelling, when I see a color on someone's nails and I tell myself - I NEED THIS COLOR!!

I have just purchased two colors, whose picture I am posting down below.
If you guys have any such obsession about anything, do let me know.

With love

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

M for Mother!!

Ma, Mom, Mother, Ammi, Aayi, or by whathever name you address the person who gave you life,who gave you your identity, is in fact the support system of your life. Mother is the person who stands by you in all your endeavor, she is the one who understands you no matter what, she is the person who blesses you without any expectation,she is the one who forgives you no matter what, she believes in you and knows you are capable of greater things.

People often taken this important person in their lives too causally. Though she doesn't demand anything from you, but it is in turn you responsibility to acknowledge her love towards you. The tension she faces when you stay out late, when you don't answer your phone calls, the pain she feels when you get hurt, the joy she shares with you in your success, is what Mother is all about. To ignore all of this is not just morally wrong, but extremely selfish.

To even begin describing my MA is impossible for me. She has been such an inspiration and support. Whatever values I have learnt, is because of her. Not only does she instill top class qualities in me, but she wants to me be what she couldn't be!  My mother is also my best friend, yes I do tell her everything. There are people who react strangely on hearing I share everything with her. But I do!!
Strangely enough the bond she shares with my grand-mom, I share the exact same with my MA. We have the very same equation!!

I don't think I can put down in words what Ma is in my life, but I would definitely love to hear from you all how your relation is with your mother.

With love

Monday, 14 April 2014

L for Long Distance!!

 Often “L” referred to Love . But I am taking it a notch further than love. It is what comes next. Relationship!!  The relationship that tags itself along with the beautiful emotion, is at times as sweet as honey and  at times as disturbing as a storm.
There is one type of relationship that is a little on the difficult side,but if pursued with utmost faith, can break through all the barriers and become something wonderful. Its the Long Distance Relationship. 

Long distance has its own share of trouble but at the same time, if you want to be with the person, the distance can be tolerated! With long distance, communication and getting to meet you partner is difficult. However, thanks to our new and advanced technology, Skype acts as a life saver. 

To love someone and to develop a relationship with that person, means you are plunging into something that is way more complicated than what the movies show you. Its not like you can fly off to meet him/her by taking the next flight that is scheduled. Nor can you change the natural phenomenon of different time in different country. But if you want to be with him/her, if you are willing to give in your best, if you are willing to keep aside you insecurities and trust him/her hundred percent, then there is nothing stopping you from going ahead with a long distance relationship.
This quote states such a true fact.

Thus to be in a relationship with the person you love is what matters most, the distance is secondary. And if you have to strength in your love, you will beat the distance demon with the faith you have in the relationship.

With love

Saturday, 12 April 2014

K for K-Drama!!

I was at one of my friend's house, when she suggested that we should watch some movies. After failing miserably at finding a decent movie, she told me if I would like to watch a korean serial. I gave her a weird look, thinking if she really was serious. She certainly was! So I didn't have much choice left. I pointed it out to her that I wouldn't understand a word, to which she said - the serial has english subtitles.

The serial that we watched was MY GIRL. It wasn't very difficult to follow and surprisingly enough I got hooked onto the show within 15 minutes. Each episode is of like an hour, so after watching one episode with her, I came home and looked it up online. To my utter astonishment, this show had all its episodes uploaded on Youtube. I sure behaved like a lunatic for the next week or so, for I hardly parted with my computer until I was done with the series.

And since then I have been a hopeless korean drama addict!! I love how each serial deals with girls falling for rich famous guys, who at first do not pay any attention and almost hate the girl, only to fall in love with her eventually.The dramas also have a lot of pain involved, the pain of not being able to be with their loved ones. There is invariably one guy in the show that has his heart broken. These shows have amazing music, the actors look - Oh so Good and the fashion is pretty awesome!!

Having watched quite a few drama like - Dream High, Playful Kiss, My Girl, Goong,You've Fallen For Me etc. My favourite K-Drama till date is - Playful Kiss!!

I know there are a whole bunch of people who love K-Drama as much as I do. And for those who haven't yet experienced this amazing thing, go watch it and fall in love.


With love

Friday, 11 April 2014

J for Juggling!!

Jugglers, as we have all heard of are people who juggle or balance things with their hands and leave the spectators in awe. They show such tricks that are often unimaginable.

But now in this age, we come across jugglers who juggle things which are associated with feelings. They juggle emotions of people. Or lets just say they juggle human beings. These guys have learnt such amazing talent, so as to keep dating one girl while starting a new relationship with another. And its surprising how good these people are at hiding their dirty little secrets.

If you have watched the movie Valentine's Day , you will be reminded of a portion of the movie that deals with the very same issue. So I would like to tell you all, its not only in the movies, it happens in real life.

To these guys, girls have become a piece of toy, without any emotions. They fail to realize what the girl might go through after she learns that the person she loves so dearly has not only lied to her but has also kept a relationship going with another girl. It is an unbearable truth and leaves the girl devastated.

Guys should understand that girls are also human beings with feelings and to use them in this way is just not acceptable.

P.S.- This relates to only a few men out there. So readers please don't take it otherwise.

With love

Thursday, 10 April 2014

I for Internet!!

Need I say anything further or you guys are already having amazing thoughts relating to internet, floating inside your brains. Now internet is by far one of the greatest creation of human, if not the best! Why do I think this way?!Because would I be able to write and publish posts on my blog, and would you be able to read it , if not for internet?

I don't want to sound like a stereotype commerce book, describing the detailed advantages of internet. However, there are various things that have happened in our lives only after the invention of internet.
For book lovers who love paperbacks , would it be possible to buy so many books sitting at home and at such a cheap rate? Would people be able to book their flights at such ease? Would people be able to communicate at this frequency, if it wasn't for internet?!
And why only purchases, in this modern world people find their partners online, they chat over social networking sites , like each other and things flow from there.

These are hardly a few examples of the blessing that Internet has bestowed upon us. Thus utility of internet is diversified and widespread. And to measure it would be an insult to It's utmost worthiness.

With love

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

H for Hope and Hard work!!

Hope, isn't this something that is common for all of us?! We hope we can lead a good life, we hope we can earn a lot of money, we hope we can have our own happily ever after, just like we read in books or watch in movies, we all hope for something or the other.

But really is Hope that powerful to convert whatever we wish for into a successful outcome?! No it isn't. Though Hope is like a program pre-instilled in human beings, we have to install something called Hard work within that system, in order it give hope a desirable shape that can be appreciated.

No big success is achieved by opting for the path of shortcut, but it is achieved by putting in hours and hours of effort into doing the same thing in order to achieve something extraordinary.
A mere hope of attaining the top post in your company isn't going to miraculously promote you. But utmost Hard work, labour, late office hours, immense brain storming to complete each task at hand, will make you what you want to be.

A person who achieves something throughout shortcut doesn't know the real meaning of success, for Success and Hard work goes hand in hand.

With love

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

G for Grateful!!

How often do we Thank God for all that He has given us?! Once a day, once a week or even better when something good happens to us. We have become such self centered human beings that thanking seems like a burden!
The Bible said
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 

                                                                                               John 3:16

God has done so much for us, and we can't find a little amount of time from the life that He has given us, to thank Him?

And why only God, do we thank the people we are surrounded by?! We have forgotten to be Thankful towards people who are kind and who care for us. Whenever someone helps you, if you say "thank you", it only enhances his/her satisfaction of helping you. When a waiter serves, a doorman opens the gate, a maid cleans the room - say thank you, and see the joy in their faces and happiness for being acknowledged for their hard work. You will love yourself more, by loving everything that happens to you throughout the day.

Thus being Grateful towards human beings and towards Lord Almighty, will only make you a better person, a happier individual! 

With love

Monday, 7 April 2014

F for First!!

Use this word in front of any other word and it will invariably give you a new experience!
First Drive, First Holiday, First Date, First Kiss, First Love and the list is infinite.

New experiences are scary and nerve wrecking at the beginning. They have a certain amount of uncertainty involved, the fear of the unknown, the excitement of the unexpected and the joy of the whole experience.

I have always been scared of trying new things. I was ready to live my life in a plain and simple manner, instead of having new experiences and adding variety to life!

My friends have always told me to experiment new things but I always back out! Why?I think the main reason for it is that, I felt if anything goes wrong, I will have only myself to blame. So to avoid all this and to be better safe than sorry, I kept my distance.

However, I did something recently for the First Time and frankly it was a little too much. But to my surprise it turned out to be better than I had expected. All those thoughts, that I might have to blame myself in the event of things taking undesirable turn, have been erased! As of now things look good.

To take this initiative I was pushed by my Friend, "Tia". And here is to you - Thank you so much Darling. Love you! :)

With love

Saturday, 5 April 2014

E for E-books!!

Ever since I have found out that I can read E-books on my phone, I have been literally obsessed about it. The moment I downloaded the books, I started reading them and read 3 books back to back. However since I had to join office, I wasn't left with much time to read, as a result the remaining books are now stacked up inside my cell phone.

I am not sure if it is only me , or there are others, but I feel I can read a lot faster when it is an E-book. Though I have mentioned earlier and will mention it again, I absolutely love paperbacks, but somehow E-books seem to speed up my reading. I haven't bought a Kindle reader for myself mainly because I love paperbacks and I would love to see and feel the books that I have already read. If I buy a Kindle, I will be tempted to buy E-books and my paperback collection will reduce drastically.

Still E-books seem to pace up my reading speed and thus even if its not a Kindle, I will continue reading e-books on my smartphone every now and then.

If you guys think its the same with your reading speed or even if you differ, do let me know by posting a comment down below.

With love