Thursday, 3 April 2014

C for Creativity!!

Creativity, this word is as natural in our family, as breathing is to human being. Every member in my Family is gifted in some way or the other. Even though we have not taken it up as our career, the passion still lingers in our heart.

Starting with the eldest member of the family- Dad! He is a commerce graduate, with a law degree, who is now a businessman. He has always been passionate about singing but couldn't take it up as a full time profession because of financial responsibilities. However, he never let go of the passion and practiced everyday, eventually he recorded his songs and launched an album!

Next up is Mom. She did not pursue a professional career, since she wanted to give all her time and attention in raising her kids. She is immensely talented , for she can kint and create soft toys, dresses and table covers , all handmade :) She wasted her talent for many years when we were growing up but now she is back doing what she loves and I am so glad to see her happy.

Third in line is my brother. When he was young, he played Tabla flawlessly and we were sure that he would take it up professionally. But he swayed off, and things started looking messy. Now he has found another instrument - Guitar, which he learnt to play all by himself, and is doing what his heart always desired- pursing music studies. I wish his dedication bears fruit.

As for me, I am always loved dancing and started training from a very young age. Having over 10 years professional Dance training, it was indeed difficult for me to let go off dance. But with studies, I was left with very little time and thus dance had to take the 2nd place.

Anyway, that was an awful lot of personal talk for one tiny post. However, I would love to hear from you guys, what is it that you are passionate about!
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With love

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