Friday, 4 April 2014

D for Doodling!!

This word- Doodling, came to my attention one day when I was searching for a certain video! There is a channel of an artist who uploads her drawing and shares it with the world. Her drawing were so beautiful, that I could not resist myself and tried to do some "doodling" myself.

I must admit, even though the end products are something that I am proud of, the continuous 3 to 4 hours devotion towards a single piece is a huge challenge.

I am not some amazing artist, but this doodling activity has become quite an interest, and I try to doodle as often as I can.

Here are a few of those doodles.


  1. These doodles look great. My favorite would have to be the Happy, Smile, Breathe, Live one.

  2. Your doodles are wonderful. I like the pattern at the center of the first picture.

    1. Thank you do much Romi ! :) That was my first doodle ever!! :)