Monday, 14 April 2014

L for Long Distance!!

 Often “L” referred to Love . But I am taking it a notch further than love. It is what comes next. Relationship!!  The relationship that tags itself along with the beautiful emotion, is at times as sweet as honey and  at times as disturbing as a storm.
There is one type of relationship that is a little on the difficult side,but if pursued with utmost faith, can break through all the barriers and become something wonderful. Its the Long Distance Relationship. 

Long distance has its own share of trouble but at the same time, if you want to be with the person, the distance can be tolerated! With long distance, communication and getting to meet you partner is difficult. However, thanks to our new and advanced technology, Skype acts as a life saver. 

To love someone and to develop a relationship with that person, means you are plunging into something that is way more complicated than what the movies show you. Its not like you can fly off to meet him/her by taking the next flight that is scheduled. Nor can you change the natural phenomenon of different time in different country. But if you want to be with him/her, if you are willing to give in your best, if you are willing to keep aside you insecurities and trust him/her hundred percent, then there is nothing stopping you from going ahead with a long distance relationship.
This quote states such a true fact.

Thus to be in a relationship with the person you love is what matters most, the distance is secondary. And if you have to strength in your love, you will beat the distance demon with the faith you have in the relationship.

With love


  1. Long distance love is a tough one... I like the graphics you used to illustrate your point.


    1. Thank you Yvonne, for the appreciation! :)