Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A For Accomplishment !!

Wow, so the day has final arrived when we start our Write-a-thon, A to Z challenge!! With an incredible pressure of blogging everyday for one whole month, I must admit I am extremely excited and anxious to see if I can actually complete this challenge.

Okay, so today's letter is "A".
Now I could think of a hundred different things to write about, starting with the letter "A", but I choose Accomplishment.
Everyone in their life has a goal, an aim, which they wish to fulfill one day. It is their driving force.A small task or a huge project, the joy of completing it is absolutely surreal.
Be it your goal to score well in your exams or be it your target to acquire a higher rank in your office, both the achievement gives you happiness, which at that very moment is something un-parallel.
This is the joy of accomplishment!! A tiny success or a huge one isn't the ruling factor. What is important is the determination with which you go ahead, the zeal with which you chase the dream and the satisfaction you obtain thereafter.

I believe nothing can be worthless. Everything you do has value, if you look at it in the right prospect. For example- Making dinner might seem like a pain, instead why not order food from a restaurant. But after making dinner , the happiness your family members express at your excellent culinary skills, not only fills your heart with joy and satisfaction , but also with content which overshadows the little pain you endured while cooking.
So if you look at everything in your life as something worth chasing, and not as something that will bear no fruit, not only will you achieve it eventually but will also be happy with your life.

My current goal is to complete this A to Z challenge, for if by God's Will, I complete this challenge, there will be no limit to my happiness. This being my first ever writing challenge, acing it will give me a moral boost! And off course this accomplishment will be a stepping stone in my blogging career!!

With love


  1. It was throughout a nice read, Rinki. Best of luck for the challenge :)

    1. Thank you so very much Sayantini !! :)

  2. I am reading AtoZ posts this morning as they come across my Twitter feed and saw yours. Congrats on your first post and my you have a wonderful writing journey this month!

    1. Thank you Jim. Appreciate the encouragement! Do check out the daily posts. :)

  3. welldone rinki :) keep writing :) all d best :)

  4. You can do it! Looking forward to reading more of your blogs.

    1. Thanks Stephanie!!
      Will keep posting everyday throughout April :)