Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Z for Zipping (It)!!

After a month full of anticipation and wait and expectation, finally the challenge draws towards the end, with today being the last day.

Being a first timer in this challenge, I did not have a preplanned list of topics written and pre-scheduled. So waking up every morning and brain storming for a topic was pretty crazy. The innumerous edits and scrapping of the whole material now seems fruitful. Now when I look back at those 25 days, I really feel proud of myself  for having kept my promises, for  having lived up to my commitments (drawing a string of thought from my last day’s post).

This challenge was a fun experiment in itself and it is truly surreal to know that there are so many people who read my blog post. It allowed me to connect with other bloggers, with whom I would have otherwise never connected. I must also mention that this challenge helped me in getting a flow in my writing. Previously I would feel lazy and post something rarely. But this challenge got me into writing daily, thereby making it almost a habit to post something or the other everyday. And must I mention, I did miss not posting on Sundays.

So, summing up these fun filled 26 days , I would now like to zip up the challenge and hope to hear from you guys.

With love

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