Thursday, 10 April 2014

I for Internet!!

Need I say anything further or you guys are already having amazing thoughts relating to internet, floating inside your brains. Now internet is by far one of the greatest creation of human, if not the best! Why do I think this way?!Because would I be able to write and publish posts on my blog, and would you be able to read it , if not for internet?

I don't want to sound like a stereotype commerce book, describing the detailed advantages of internet. However, there are various things that have happened in our lives only after the invention of internet.
For book lovers who love paperbacks , would it be possible to buy so many books sitting at home and at such a cheap rate? Would people be able to book their flights at such ease? Would people be able to communicate at this frequency, if it wasn't for internet?!
And why only purchases, in this modern world people find their partners online, they chat over social networking sites , like each other and things flow from there.

These are hardly a few examples of the blessing that Internet has bestowed upon us. Thus utility of internet is diversified and widespread. And to measure it would be an insult to It's utmost worthiness.

With love


  1. A good reminder of how much the Internet has affected our lives! I remember watching a small computer monitor back in 1995 load something called AOL and now, here we are!
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    1. Yes Jim. Internet has influenced our lives in various ways!!

  2. I can look up things on the internet that I couldn't find in a phone book. Phone Books are obsolete to me. Great post.

  3. and I read your I post and loved it, yes with the Internet, most of my insecurities are dealt with:
    an #atoz er at

    1. Glad you liked it! Internet sure is a life saver !!