Friday, 11 April 2014

J for Juggling!!

Jugglers, as we have all heard of are people who juggle or balance things with their hands and leave the spectators in awe. They show such tricks that are often unimaginable.

But now in this age, we come across jugglers who juggle things which are associated with feelings. They juggle emotions of people. Or lets just say they juggle human beings. These guys have learnt such amazing talent, so as to keep dating one girl while starting a new relationship with another. And its surprising how good these people are at hiding their dirty little secrets.

If you have watched the movie Valentine's Day , you will be reminded of a portion of the movie that deals with the very same issue. So I would like to tell you all, its not only in the movies, it happens in real life.

To these guys, girls have become a piece of toy, without any emotions. They fail to realize what the girl might go through after she learns that the person she loves so dearly has not only lied to her but has also kept a relationship going with another girl. It is an unbearable truth and leaves the girl devastated.

Guys should understand that girls are also human beings with feelings and to use them in this way is just not acceptable.

P.S.- This relates to only a few men out there. So readers please don't take it otherwise.

With love


  1. That's life indeed.
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