Monday, 21 April 2014

S for Silver!!

More often than not, I come across people who prefer gold over silver. And being from a country where household women hold 11% of the world’s gold reserve, I can hardly deny the fact the gold attracts them far more than silver.
However, I, for one, love silver like nothing else. Silver ornaments are so much more appealing to me, that I can easily ignore a sack full of gold jewels and by happy to have whatever little silver ornaments I have.

The small earrings and pendants are the ones that attract my attention more than big chunky neck pieces. The detailed design in that tiny framework catches my interest and thus, every time I purchase something it is inevitably the small ones.

Silver items like rings and bracelets are also some of my favorite picks. Silver bracelets make a good accessory, when you want to keep it simple yet elegant.  As for rings, however much I say is not enough! They are my soul-mate! I have a huge fascination for these and absolutely love collecting them!

Silver has beauty of its own, the color of it is more appreciable when the ornament's design is inclusive of sparkling stones.

I would love to know from you all whether you all like silver accessories and if so, which one is your absolute favorite!

With love


  1. Gold was my favorite until I met a friend who made silver and stone jewelry...then I was hooked!