Monday, 7 April 2014

F for First!!

Use this word in front of any other word and it will invariably give you a new experience!
First Drive, First Holiday, First Date, First Kiss, First Love and the list is infinite.

New experiences are scary and nerve wrecking at the beginning. They have a certain amount of uncertainty involved, the fear of the unknown, the excitement of the unexpected and the joy of the whole experience.

I have always been scared of trying new things. I was ready to live my life in a plain and simple manner, instead of having new experiences and adding variety to life!

My friends have always told me to experiment new things but I always back out! Why?I think the main reason for it is that, I felt if anything goes wrong, I will have only myself to blame. So to avoid all this and to be better safe than sorry, I kept my distance.

However, I did something recently for the First Time and frankly it was a little too much. But to my surprise it turned out to be better than I had expected. All those thoughts, that I might have to blame myself in the event of things taking undesirable turn, have been erased! As of now things look good.

To take this initiative I was pushed by my Friend, "Tia". And here is to you - Thank you so much Darling. Love you! :)

With love

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