Saturday, 26 April 2014

W for Worth!!

Worth is such an important term in everyone's life. To value people as per their worth is really essential.
There are various ways in which people often feel neglected or worthless. This is the core problem which needs to be solved.

When two people are in a relationship, there are times when they forget to acknowledge the worth of the other person. Though this might not seem like much of a problem but repeated act of negligence might ruin the relationship. There is no specific way in which a person can feel worthless, but take this as an example-
    The girl messages the guy and waits for his reply, while she is on a tour in a different country. She sees the 'last seen' time and it shows a time that is after the message sent time. This might not seem like a big deal for the guy, but the girl sure feels neglected.

Another example of failure to show worth is this-
  A working lady comes home after a very stressful day in office and has to cook dinner for the family. The food doesn't taste as good and her family members instead of asking her about her day in office and diverting the attention from the food, criticize her and make her feel guilty about the food cooked.

These are examples to illustrate the fact that it is of utmost importance to make a person feel worthy. Life is filled with so much stress and complication, work and peer pressure, among all this the only thing that a person wishes for is to be loved by their dear ones and be felt worthy enough.

This was something that I feel needs attention. Do let me know what are your views in this regard.

With love


  1. A good post but l have always believed that Someone's opinion of me doesn't have to become my reality. I don't expect any one to give me my true worth but myself. Sure there is a timr where maybe as kids and teens we so want to be found and 'loved' worhty by our friends and family right?

    1. Yes is it true that no one can value you more than you yourself! But at times it is also necessary to be felt worthy by people we care about.