Sunday, 27 April 2014

X for Xmas!!

With really few words to choose from, I decided to write about Christmas or Xmas in short. 
Neither am I a Christian nor do I live in a country where it is celebrated as much, yet I have found memories of this day. 

These memories are a result of my education in a christian school. Every year there would be a concert, a drama would be staged based on the story of Jesus Christ's birth. There would be songs sung to welcome the holidays, someone would get dressed as Santa and go around distributing candies and everyone would greet each other 'Merry Christmas' and Happy Holidays.

When I was a kid, Christmas eves went by decorating the Christmas tree and hanging up a sock with a letter to Santa inside it. The day of Christmas was even more exciting with presents from my mother and then a full day of watching television. Being from a christian school, I would offer my pray to Christ-My Lord and sing hymns and thank him for all that He has blessed me with.

Now when I watch movies and shows, which portray this day as a huge holiday, I wish I could experience it once and feel the excitement with everyone else who are pumped up about the day. 

With Love


  1. A wonderful post and I appreciate your perspective on Christmas. We are almost done with A to Challenge aren't we? Yes!

    1. Yes we are! So glad that we are almost there.