Thursday, 24 April 2014

U for Urge!!

The basic meaning of urge is to induce, to persuade! To have the urge to do something is essential in everyone’s life!

Like some of my previous posts on A for Accomplishment and T for Try, this post also follows the same line of thoughts. What I am trying to say is, to accomplish anything we must have the urge in the first place. It isn’t something that anyone can instill within us but for us to find it in ourselves.

To achieve greater things, we must find out why we want to achieve them, we must figure out what makes it so special that we want to have it for ourselves. Because if we find that out, we will then gather the Urge to move ahead in this path, will find the urge to eliminate any obstacles and emerge as a success.

When someone says-‘I am going to start a business!’ He is essentially saying it out of the urge to work for something of his own.  When your boss gives you orders, don’t take it as another work load, but think of it as an opportunity to show your capabilities. This is the urge that is being talked about.

Dig deep inside yourself and find out that urge in everything that you do in your life. For, doing something that you don’t care about is equal to wasting your valuable time.

With love


  1. I totally agree with you and to me, my passion is my Urge. It also means we should have great personal Values and that is my V word at

    1. Thanks Marie. I did view your blog post! :)