Tuesday, 15 April 2014

M for Mother!!

Ma, Mom, Mother, Ammi, Aayi, or by whathever name you address the person who gave you life,who gave you your identity, is in fact the support system of your life. Mother is the person who stands by you in all your endeavor, she is the one who understands you no matter what, she is the person who blesses you without any expectation,she is the one who forgives you no matter what, she believes in you and knows you are capable of greater things.

People often taken this important person in their lives too causally. Though she doesn't demand anything from you, but it is in turn you responsibility to acknowledge her love towards you. The tension she faces when you stay out late, when you don't answer your phone calls, the pain she feels when you get hurt, the joy she shares with you in your success, is what Mother is all about. To ignore all of this is not just morally wrong, but extremely selfish.

To even begin describing my MA is impossible for me. She has been such an inspiration and support. Whatever values I have learnt, is because of her. Not only does she instill top class qualities in me, but she wants to me be what she couldn't be!  My mother is also my best friend, yes I do tell her everything. There are people who react strangely on hearing I share everything with her. But I do!!
Strangely enough the bond she shares with my grand-mom, I share the exact same with my MA. We have the very same equation!!

I don't think I can put down in words what Ma is in my life, but I would definitely love to hear from you all how your relation is with your mother.

With love


  1. nothing can match mothers luv :) keep writing :)

  2. Lovely post :)

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    1. Thank you . And surely will check your blog!!

  3. My mam's love for me is simply put unconditional. Hmm, we've been through and still are going through so much. Hmm, we've fought those cold wars and still do. But again hmm, mam is just my mam. Yes, I am a mama now too and sometimes feel she should relax some with me but hell no she doesn't think so. She however understands and prays for me and encourages me on. She is my inspiration and motivation to be or not to be! Great post and cheers as we make it to the end of this challenge and much more.
    Marie at

    1. Well said Marie !! :)
      And inded we are halfway done!!