Thursday, 6 February 2014

Vacationing at the Beach !!

Hey Everyone ! How have you been?! I am sure everyone is doing great . :)

So I just returned from a mini-vacation. Yes, you guessed it right, I went to the beach in Puri, India.
For those who aren't familiar with this beach , let me tell you , it is quite a tourist attraction and Puri is also one of the most Sacred place for the Hindus.

I went there for just 3 days , but for the most of it I was sitting at the beach , staring at the sea, hearing the sound of the waves and enjoying myself completely. Since its winter here, walking up early was quite a challenge. Nevertheless I did wake up since the morning view is just too pleasant to be missed. Another reason for the early wake up was that a large number of fishermen catch fishes all night and sell it at the beach the next morning, so having never witnessed anything like that , I was more than excited to see it.
Morning view

The afternoon was when I preferred not to leave my hotel room  (blazing Sun) !!

In the evening as I walked in the beach I saw something extraordinary. Some artists created magnificent sculptures with sand!! Yes you heard me right, SAND !! I couldn't believe how talented these men were to build something so amazing. Some made faces of Hindu Gods like Shiva and Ganesha , while others made a full body mermaid or even the face of Gautama Budhha ! I remained spell bound seeing the artistic quality that these men possess and sincerely wish they get their due recognition !

Soon the 3 days came to an end and it was time to return home, where there is more buildings than greenery & more polluted air than clean breeze. However I still have memories to cherish upon and intend to go vacationing at some other beach soon!

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