Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Pen Friend !!

Hey Everyone ! Its been quite sometime since I last posted in my blog, so before starting I would like to apologize for the delay.

So, now that you all have read the header, I am quite sure many of you have had Pen Friends, so I thought why not share my experience of having one as well!

This is about the friend I have had for quite sometime now. ( Since I don't want to disclose the person's identity, for convenience lets call the person "A" )

"A" added me on a social networking site, through a mutual friend. Unlike my thoughts regarding how this friendship will turn out to be, whether we will have anything to talk about, whether the awkwardness (of not meeting a person and yet writing to each other) will persist or not , I realized that it is actually just my misconception. "A" is a very nice person, never forgets the limit , never does something that might offend me. Since we both are from the same study background, I often seek A's help in a variety of study related issues. Its really sweet of "A" to not get angry and annoyed with all the nagging I do!! I know now that even though we have never met, if I face any trouble or seek help, "A" will not back out from lending a helping hand.

Its funny how some of my friends find it absolutely insane and cannot figure out how we are still talking to each other without meeting. But I  know that I cannot  really explain it to them. :)

However, I would like to wrap it up now. I know there are many of you out there who have pen friends too. So please feel free to write a comment or share it !

Have a Great Day Ahead everyone!!
With love ~  V_RinkiD_V

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