Monday, 13 January 2014

Nail Paint Trouble!!

Have you ever gone crazy while shopping for your nail paint and failing to find the accurate color shade?
I have!

Today I visited the mall to buy a chalk white nail paint required for French manicure. I went there at around 11:30 am, and considering the time, I assumed that all the shops would have opened and would be  ready to receive customers. But instead what do I see?  The shops haven’t opened yet! I mean – what is effing wrong with you people. It’s already 11:30 am and you lazy bunch of people still need to set up your shops!

After waiting for a while, now that the shops are opened, the bigger problem awaits. What is it?
Off course finding the exact shade of nail color! So when I ask the shopkeeper , “Give me a white nail paint used for French manicure” , I don’t understand why it becomes so difficult for him to give me a white nail paint.
He starts showing me shiny white, glittery white, some non-white shades even, basically anything other than the shade I need! In spite of my denial, he goes on displaying a wide varied of all the unwanted colors in front of me!
So I go searching for it in some more shops and thankfully one shop had the shade i was looking for! :)

 But this is not the first time that I have encountered this problem.  I had to face a similar situation when I went to get my blood red nail paint.
So here is to all the women out there who have ever faced a similar kind of a situation.

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