Saturday, 4 January 2014

New Year~New beginning

Another year passed by and its already 4 days into the New Year, so it’s time to get started with blogging!!
Not to sound too philosophical but in this blog post I would like to share two things that are important to me and matter the most in the world.

1.  Being nice to your parents and family.
Often we tend to forget this. We know that we will always have our parents to guide us, to support us, to love us and to forgive us. But does that give us the right to treat them as we wish? No! They deserve the respect, the time and the love. In our daily lives, we often tend to find ourselves tangled up with a bundle of work, which leaves us with little time for our family. But in spite of that I think we should make it a point to sit down for sometime everyday to talk them and be a part of the family. Parents never ask for anything, they only want us to be happy .So why can we not make an effort to do the same and make them feel needed in our lives.
 Laugh with them, share with them your joys and success, hear their problems and also share yours. By doing this, you will not lose out on valuable time but indeed you will build a much stronger bond with them, you will find satisfaction within. 

Trust me on this- The blessings of your parents is the most precious gift you can ever ask for. Try to value it and be proud of them.

  2.  One real friend is better than many fake ones. 
      Now before getting into this, let me clear one thing- this is my personal view point, I know a lot of people who have many good friends. So please don’t be offended by this.

So as I was saying, one real friend is enough to fill the void in your life that was caused by the numerous failed friendships. To trust someone completely is a tough thing to do, but if you can build that trust, no matter where you stay or after how many months you meet, the bonding remains the same. The moment you meet, it feels like it was just yesterday that you last met. He/she becomes like family and you feel free to share anything without thinking twice, without the fear of being judged or mocked upon.  You then don’t feel the urge to go for a huge friend circle, since one is enough.

Okay, so that is basically it. I hope you guys did not get too bored reading this piece.
 Be nice to the people you care about the most and you will see that life is much easier to deal with.
Happy new year every one, have a great year ahead.

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