Saturday, 15 February 2014

5 Things In Everyday Life !!

Hey Everyone!
Today I  would like to list down 5 things without which I completely freak out !!

  1. My Mobile Phone - Safely I can call it my life. It is quite the replacement for the long distance best-friend I have :)
  2. Laptop - Do I even need to explain? No Laptop = No blogging !!
  3. Coffee - Sounds weird?? Lately I have become so addicted to coffee that the concept of  "coffee will help you stay awake!" doesn't apply anymore.
  4. Music - Sadness , Happiness, name it and you have the right kind of music for it. It surely is an amazing medicine !
  5. T2 - Most of us living in Kolkata will know about this! (it is a complementary paper along with The Telegraph) . Yes, I know its silly but its true. I am addicted to it!! And monday morning is a morning filled with sadness since there is no issue of T2 on mondays. 
With this I conclude my listing of 5 things that I cant do with out in my everyday life!
Hope you guys liked it.
What are the things that you cant do without in your daily life? Post it in a comment below! :)

With love ~ V_RinkiD_V

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