Friday, 15 May 2015

My Airtel App

Our life is constant race. And what is the most important ingredient in any race? Speed!

The modern age has made us so busy, that loss of a minute can make a huge difference. With the advancement of technology and the innovative thinking/designing, our life is now dependent on “APPs”. Anything we do, we think it would get easier if an app is there. The majority of our time is spent in doing something or the other on the cell phone, so the best way to market a product, which suits the needs of the customers, is through cell phone applications.

Airtel has just got that right! Airtel has come up with a very nice and handy application. A platform that will make the life of their users hassle free. It is one application with which all airtel services can be accessed. Recharges and payments are done through this application and not to mention the safety of the transaction is highly maintained.

Some of the features that really appealed to me were

1.      The idea of all services in one place. We all are living in a very busy world and with all are gadgets and their billing expenses we often get confused as to whether a certain bill has been paid on time. This app makes is possible to have all the services – DTH, broadband, mobile recharge, etc. all together. So you can keep a track of how much rental for broadband has been paid, what’s the status of DTH and so on.

2.      Who doesn’t want free recharge? If someone says no, he/she is lying!! My airtel app has become even more attractive with the feature of first recharge cashback option. So basically once you do your recharge for the first time through the app, you get cashback! Now that’s what we all like, right?

3.      And number three, and the most interesting of it all! Free Data with Internet recharge! Yes, that’s right! So here basically if you recharge for a data pack, you are entitled to get free data. How awesome is that! Since most of our work/fun is through the usage of internet, this feature really gives a boost to the application.

Over all the app is a satisfying experience. It provides for the need of the hour. The main problem of ours is the time constraint. We are greedy human beings- when the bills had to be paid by direct cash transfer we wished for e-billing for telephone, television, etc. and now that is there, we want all of it to be in one single platform, so that our time spent on billing is further cut down. Airtel has made that possible with the all new MY AIRTEL APP.

It is indeed an application suited for our smartphones with easy user interface and attractive features.

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