Wednesday, 1 April 2015

A for Alive.

The  life we have is the life we choose for ourselves.
In our lives
 “we accept the love we think we deserve”, 
but little do we know that we are worth a lot more, that we are capable of being loved beyond limits . There is someone for each one of you, who will find their smile hidden in your’s, who will think of you as the most beautiful creation of God, who will love you like you have never been loved before.

Love, the purest form of feeling that makes you feel alive, sets you free and makes you bolder. Love , as most people have said, cannot be expressed in words but if I were to express love , it would be


To say I love you, to love someone is a great feeling but to be loved by someone is what counts. Be the person that is loved, accept the guy for whom you are the world, acknowledge the love you receive and be grateful.

Because outer beauty may fade out, the youth won’t last forever but the one who falls in love with you for your inner beauty, who sees the real you, who can feel the sadness you hide underneath that smile of yours, the one who knows what to say when you are upset, the one with whom silence is uncomfortable is the guy you should be with. 

With Love,


  1. LOVE - love is caring for each other , trusting a person with all your heart , being selfless and being there for other person whom you love no matter what ,it can be your parents, friends ,cousins ,relatives,sister or brother, Love makes you a strong better person and makes you believe in yourself.

    Lots of love :)
    Keep writing :)

    1. Sachin thank you so much for your sweet support and encouragement. Such a True friend. :)

  2. Love is found in the strangest of places; I've got friends I love more like family, and I'm not ashamed to admit, I've got pets I love like soulmates. Love is a warm bunny, and its the sound your horse makes when she hears you call her name. Love is a friend who sees the worst of you today and still wants to see you tomorrow.

    Found you through AzChallenge!@Get Lost in Lit

  3. Loved it! Really needed to read this today. Thanks! :)

  4. Rinki di keep writting this is the best description of love that I have read in my life even after reading thousands of quotes on instagram

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