Tuesday, 7 April 2015

F for Forgiveness

Just words and talk, is not what this is,
Forgiveness is a deed, mightier than we believe.
Forgive and forget- something heard often,
Indeed it is helpful, frees you from the burden.

All those incidents and the ugly fights,
Caused you only trouble in its light.
It took a place in your heart,
Highlighting only the negative part.
Passing days make things worse,
Blinding you of your senses and making you curse.
The annoyance and irritation builds up,
Ruins the relationship, widens the distance you have.

There still remains a part of you,
Wishing for things to be normal between you two.
You feel pained, sadden by the turn of events,
Desperately wanting to end the fight, make amends.

It is this desperation that needs to be heard,
Willing to give the relationship another chance.
Forgiving the other, ending the blame game,
Sorting things out, redefining the relationship’s name.
In forgiveness lies the satisfaction,
Transforms you into a better person, by making those corrections.
Let not the rigidity be a hindrance, a barrier,
If something is good, forgive and be happier.

In prayers we seek the forgiveness,
Forgive those who trespass against us.
Fights happen, relationships get sour,
But think about the good that is at stake, thus Forgive, it is in your Power.

With Love,