Saturday, 4 April 2015

D for dream

Do dreams mean anything?
How often is it that you wish for something so hard that it is visits you in your dreams every single night!

I have had the pleasure to become familiar with a recurring dream. It first gave me the creeps, because I felt – “What the hell is happening? Why am I Dreaming about it over and over again?”
But later I thought it might be the sheer want to have it so bad, which caused the dream to reoccur.
I believe that, if you want something, dream it! Dream Big!! But in that have the zeal to make the dream come true. Don’t Sleep on the dream, work towards it.

Life provides us with opportunities, it gives us situations where we can give life to that dream. We come face to face with our dream, but little do we know how to seize the moment and make the most of it. We think we shall wait for the right opportunity, however opportunities come rarely and the ones that do should be grabbed then and there.

Dream High, Dream Great,  
Make the effort and Create. 
Live the life you wished and Dreamed for, 
You have the courage, you possess the power. 

With Love,


  1. When I was younger I always had dreams about elevators. Sometimes I'd get on and they'd shoot to the top and other times they'd fall. There were times I'd get on and then the walls would disappear and I could see the cables that were struggling to keep working. It was so bad that in my dreams when I would see an elevator I'd be afraid because I knew something was going to be wrong with it.

    Lately I've not had any dreams like that and even if I did I'd get on and ride. I want my dreams to be fulfilled and if I have to tackle elevators or anything else to get to where I want...then that's what I'll do. :)
    A to Z Challenge #1398

    1. That is something I can relate to, because I have had recurring dreams about death.