Monday, 20 April 2015

Q for Queen

The Bollywood movie Queen, is a great inspiration for the young generation girls out there. It is a must watch for everyone.

The fact that we are independent and distinct individuals is what matters. Guys think that they have all the right to play with our heart, take us in when they want and leave us as if we were some toy to play with. The whole concept about finding the right guy is really overrated and it is beautifully portrayed in this movie.

The best take away from this movie is that life doesn’t stop, if a guy breaks your heart or decides to leave you for some random, artificial person. On the contrary, what happens is that you discover yourself during this phase. You get to do all the amazing things that you were always restricting yourself, you get to see the world from a whole new prospective, it is this time when you truly feel independent.

Being with a guy doesn’t really mean you know him. There could be a completely different person underneath the guy he portrays to be. All the promises that were made could be fake or could be just out of the sheer fascination to get you to be his. And once you are already his, the craze of getting you subsides and he is out on the hunt to get another girl.

It is really hard to get over the stuff but trust me once you are over it, you emerge as a whole new and strong person. You have the freedom to look at the world like you never did before. You get to do the things that always excited you.

Everything awaits your arrival. Go out there and experience it all. Live the life you deserve. 

With Love,

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  1. agree with you :) queen is indeed a gr8 movie :) like the quote at end :)