Saturday, 11 April 2015

J for Jyotsna

Years ago I meet a girl,
My friend she was so special.
We called ourselves best buddies,
Remained together, inseparable were we.

First friend of mine was that girl,
Had hair with little curl.
As if we were glued,
Walking side by side, together we moved.

One day she left the school,
Left no one with any clue.
Being so close, I did not know,
The reason behind the sudden no-show.

Days and months and years went by,
But she was still in my mind.
In one class a teacher said,
That she left the world, a journey to heaven she has made.

The floor beneath me slipped,
I stayed still, with disbelief.
Convinced I was, that the teacher was mistaken,
For my friend was so young, she couldn’t go to heaven!

It felt like someone was continuously shooting at me,
And yet I was breathing unable to take out the life within me.
I was crying inside, oblivious to all the sound,
But not a drop of tear fell on the ground.

It took a while for the truth to sink in,
I just wish, I had one last meet to tell her what she means.
To tell how I loved and cared for her,
That she was the best friend I could have asked for.

The faces fade away as years go by,
But memories remain with you all the time.
Where ever YOU are I just wish,
YOU are happy, YOU deserve it.

With Love,

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