Friday, 17 April 2015

O for Ordinary

Why is it that we have to be excellent? Why can we not be just simple, Ordinary!

From the very start of our life we are trained to be competing with others. To excel in class, to win every competition, every battle. Is it really that important to win every single time?

Winning maybe a great achievement but being ordinary makes you no less of a human being! If winning was so important, than out of a class of 54 students, only one wins the race to be at the top. What happens to the rest 53 students? They stop living their lives? They give up on all good? They find on purpose for their life?

No! They do find, and they do excel in life. Maybe they don’t achieve the highest rank in the job or they don’t win the best employee award. But they do what they love and live with content. Being ordinary is not a cruse or so. One can be ordinary and at the same time contribute largely to the world.

I believe being ordinary is crucial, for it keeps you humble while at the same time lets you do what you know best. So what, if you don’t win every battle, it doesn’t make you a loser. If anything, it makes you a learner. Every battle is a platform for learning, and every loss is a lesson. Winning or losing is not important, what is important is the fight, the time spent in the process, the journey towards the end.

It is not how fast you pick the bricks or how many you can pick in one go, it is just the process of steady collection of bricks on your way towards the finishing line, which helps you in building a strong house. 

With Love,

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