Wednesday, 15 April 2015

M for Memories

One life is all we got, it’s filled with excitement and events.

From the childhood, we pass various phases of our life, school life, college life, crazy youth and the serious midlife. Then comes along a time when our life breathes and lives along with that of the tiny ones, their achievements, their happiness, their trouble and sadness, is everything what we are concerned about.

Soon they grow up, and all the time that passed becomes memory. Some good, some bad, some bring a smile on your face and others make you feel sad. But all in all, it is the memories of the days passed by,which make you feel closer to the moment. Captured in the frame of a camera are the amazing times that you had. The once in a life time experience- the beautiful wedding, the birth of your kid, his first walk, your first drive , those vacations in the country side, all are but in the past now. Memories are what keeps them alive.

So live the life you wish, have an eventful life, and live in the moment, for these are what creates an outstanding bunch of memories.

With Love, 


  1. Memories was a great choice for M! What a great reminder :)

  2. memories are always special <3