Tuesday, 21 April 2015

R for Rhythm

Variation is the only constant in life.

Our life is like an unstoppable train that has stops in between but doesn’t stop permanently. We lead our life with a lot of ups and downs. Some days are so pleasant, it makes us feel like this is what life is all about, the best there is to experience. And yet again some days make you face difficulties where you question your existence.

But all this is a parcel of life. It is the variety which spices up life. Once you feel that everything is perfect, life gives you new worries and lows, and once you overcome them you find your new highs. Our life is like a sound wave, in a rhythm it moves, in a pattern it flows.

To deprive life of this rhythm is like striping of the frosting of a cake. Without this change and mix of good and bad, life would be too monotonous, too plain and too stagnant. What fun will it be if you are happy one moment, and the next and the next and on and on, the true essence of happiness is felt once you overcome the obstacles and the nightmare situations.

So embrace the rhythm of life, and make a wonderful living!

With Love,

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