Sunday, 22 February 2015

So what?! I am Different!

Be mature, don’t be reckless, be sure of what you are doing- these are all the things our parents tell us. The real world in which we live, portrays a whole different scenario.

You be mature, you are called a grandma,
You don’t be reckless, and you are thought of as a bore.

You are surrounded by people who are so different from what you are, that if you don’t become like them, you can’t survive. At the same time, the whole faking drama makes you suffocate within and all you want to do then is run away, scream out loud and say

“So what?! I am Different”.

But you have to pay the price for being different right?

You tend to find some people, whom you eventually end up liking. The attraction is innocent and slowly grows onto you. However, the attraction is forbidden and you know that! Your head tells you - this is a huge mistake, don’t go any further, but all you want to do is listen to the voice of your heart. You know that you have never felt anything like is ever before! Your heart skips a beat when you see him, you heart pounds so fast that it leaves an ache for several minutes, your mood uplifts by just a glimpse of him, your day just gets better when you talk to him, and your life seems perfect at that point of time. The meetings you have, the secret conversations you make all takes up a special place in your heart.

But like fairytales, life is not filled with happily ever after. The dream you had been building had to come crashing down for all he wanted was “fun”, so what if you wanted a relationship, for him it was only “we are just friends”, even though you wanted a “forever”.

All the walks you took, all the talks you had, all the time you spent with him thinking of how perfect it was will only last as a memory, because he never wanted the same things as you did.

Like the waves wash away the footprints,
He erased the memories, the time spent like it meant nothing.

P.S. - Dedicated to my Roomie dearest. You will find your guy. Greater things await!! :*

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