Sunday, 27 July 2014

Oblivious?! Not Really.

To Like or not to Like?
To Love or not to Love?

Often we feel that this is something which we can control, that our mind's voice is stronger than our heart's calling. But the reality begs to differ. When the situation occurs, more than listening to the mind's voice, you tend to lose your mind's rationality.

The whole episode starts off just like your own sweet fairy tale. You meet your desired guy, both have short sweet eye contact, slowly conversations build up, things start looking good from your end. Texting, phone call, everything seems to favor you and your wishful story.
But suddenly things change, he starts acting strange, the lesser the contact you have, the more grows the impatience. You being to act weird and jealously sets in. You start to believe in that fact that it was indeed a fairy tale and not a reality, that you had lost your senses for a while, only to get it back on track in time.

But amidst all this, you fail to resist thinking about him. Your eyes stay glued to your phone, your ears couldn't have been any sharper than this (beep of text message) and all you do is dream about unrealistic moments.

Being friends indeed is a great gift, but what if you want more than that? What if you never wished for just the friendship? The time when you wish to cross the line of friendship and yet again restrict yourself, thinking you might make a complete fool out of yourself, is difficult. Your rational self tells you that this is - "so not going to work" and yet a small part of you truly wishes that it does work out the way you wish to.

To be strong enough, to let yourself realize that you are losing your mind, is hard. This time calls for some sensible thinking. Would you like to lose him forever by acting like a total nutcase? Or being around him as a friend is enough for you? Is being friends with him is better than creating an awkward distance ? These are questions you need to ask yourself and validate your point.

To all the hopeless souls out there, I hear you ! This is the dilemma of "love" , the ray of hope seems to be bleak and yet prominent all at once.
Dream for it, wish for it, but don't expect anything out of it and be happy with what you get.

P.S.- Dedicated to Roommate Dearest! :*

With love,

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