Saturday, 25 April 2015

V for Violent

The nature is a mighty warehouse of unmatchable power. The strength it possesses, the destruction is can cause cannot be compared within anything in this universe.

A tremor in the earth’s surface causes a massive earthquake, leading to destruction and loss of many lives. The violent nature of the destruction brings with it not only fear and trauma but also immense pain and grief. The lives lost, places destroyed all remind us of how powerful mother Earth is.

This afternoon, we experienced one of the strongest tremors in the recent past. A magnitude of 7.9 was the power of this earthquake. So many prominent buildings that stood tall with pride this morning are now mere ruins on the face of this Earth. All those well known temples will no longer see the footfall of the pilgrims. The once so beautiful city, Pokhra is now a red alert area, filled with fear and grief all around.

All the lives lost, all the sadness caused is due to the violence of Nature.

Though the tremors have stopped, the storm that has started in the lives of those victims, will take a long time to stop.
The hope now remains, that God provides strength to all those that are now in great need. They need to be strong, they have to be positive.

Let our prays be with them!

With Love,

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  1. So heartbreaking. I am praying for peace and safety for all of the victims and those effected.