Thursday, 23 April 2015

T for Tuning

You know that moment when someone is so sweet and nice to you, and loves you so much. But all you can do is be mean to him. You are unfortunately not able to reciprocate the feelings in the exact same manner. He can be a gem of a person, a great friend, an amazing partner but you are just unable to feel that way for him.

Then starts the dilemma of “what to do?” You don’t want to break his heart, you don’t want to hurt the guy who loves you so very much. But what other options do you have? Thus you end up being a stone hearted, cold, mean person.

This problem happens mainly because of lack of tuning between you two. You both need to be mentally on the same page to be in a steady relationship. You both need to have the same wants and understanding of life. It’s not like he is the only one in the relationship who needs to understand you, get you, but you also need to understand him. One-way traffic of feelings never lead to anything good. It will only leads to heartbreak for the guy, whose only fault is to fall in love with you.

So be brave in the beginning than fake it and give false hope to the poor lad.

With Love,


  1. Nice one Rinky :)

    I love your writing style

    1. Thank you. And yes, I stumbled upon you bankexam site today. Really helpful. :)