Monday, 13 April 2015

K for Kolkata

Kolkata, my lovely hometown,
City of joy, a place of which I am proud.
Filled with music, books,
Talent all around.

Words can’t express,
The beauty of this place.
It is an experience,
The joy of living in this place.

The early morning breeze,
Is a happiness drug for me.
Passing Maidan, those wide lanes,
I feel something that’s hard to explain.

The horse chariots on red road side,
Victoria memorial gives me pride.
Beautifully lit up roads at night,
Makes a perfect setting for a drive.

The mighty Ganga, ever so clam,
Flowing beneath the Howrah Bridge.
At the sunset time, with the boat ride.
You wish, you could hold the moment, feeling so alive.

We anxiously await Maa Durga’s visit,
With great happiness do we greet.
All year around we wait along,
Just for five days of Puja and fun.

The kal baishaki, the crazy rain,
In no other place is the same.
The winter morning, the foggy sight,
Making the day look like night.

With the breeze of the evening hour,
Comes the sweet scent of shuli flower.
I sit there and enjoy the surrounding,
It is my infinity calling.

With Love,


  1. What a lovely tribute to your home town. I had to look up "kal baishaki"--hadn't hear the term before, but it rolls wonderfully off the tongue. It actually sounds like what it is. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    1. It is the love for my city, which inspired me to write this. Thanks.

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  3. Surprisingly good lines for a city like Kolkata :)

  4. Surprisingly good lines for a city like Kolkata :)

  5. Surprisingly good lines for a city like Kolkata :)