Thursday, 9 April 2015

H for Heart

It is a part of me,
Not a piece of toy.
It has feelings and emotions,
Stop making it a part of your ploy.

The looks in your eyes,
It was all but fake.
I fell for the person,
The amazing man you could make.

The long walks, those never ending talks.
Were they all a part of your game?
Because the moments we had,
Never made me feel the same.

The things you said, the promises you made,
Still lingers in my mind.
Was I not good enough for you?
Or another girl did you find?

I never told you how amazing you are,
Couldn’t express or tell you my dear.
You are a shining star,
Then and now, you are so far.

If our paths ever meet,
I wish you remember me and greet.
Knowing this existence wasn’t our destiny,
I dream of the future, to suppress the agony.

I wish our “if only” could come true,
A life I could have with you.
In my heart will you always be,
When I close my eyes, your face I still see.

With Love,


  1. Your poems always take me to some other world. 😊 wish the poem ended in good note. Expresses very well 😊

    1. Thanks Sachin, I too wish the poem ended on a good note.

  2. :) like the way you express the feelings..