Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Book review At Last!!

As you all can guess by the header, this post is related to book reviews!!

Like I had mentioned earlier , I wasn't much of a reader, or more specifically I was a "slow reader" which made me think that I wasn't capable of reading too many books. Until recently when I came across something known as the "book-tube" community on youTube. There are these people who talk about books, predominantly about Book Hauls and Book Reviews. Watching those videos somehow made me feel like I havent been reading almost anything considering to what people of my age have been reading. I started going through all the books they have been raving about and have been recommending people to read.

It didn't take long to decide what I wanted to do. I always wanted to read , but thought my "pace" was the issue , not realizing that it was my thinking that stopped me from reading.So I got to reading almost immediately and its been 2 weeks since I started and have completed 3 books namely- 
  1. The Immortals of Meluha
  2. The Secrets of the Naga
  3. Safe Haven
I wanted to be connected with this whole "book-tube" community , but I cant make videos at the moment and I think blogging is the only "other" option I have to connect with people who read, who share views and opinions on a certain book and who are willing to know you and be friends with you through the medium of book reading.
I joined Goodreads with the hope, to be able to be know what others are reading and tell everyone what books I have read or will read in the future. To challenge myself further I also signed up for the "Reading Challenge" - where you set a target, a certain number of books that you wish to read in the year . 

With reading , I will also be posting a few reviews about books that I have read, with the hope to slowly turn this "normal, at times dying"  blog into an "active, book-reviewing" blog .

I would appreciate if all of you guys out there ,who read or wish to read , please subscribe to my page here or on twitter , to encourage my new attempt.

With love,