Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Story of the Telecom Service!!

The inconvenience that customer care executives and retailers of telecommunication company causes you , is just so annoying that you feel like suing the company for having such incompetent service. The list of errors in there service is limitless. After having received one such “amazing” service from a particular telecom company, I was compelled to pen down their so called “helpful”,” user-friendly” service.

So it all started with porting a CDMA sim to a GSM one.
 While Dropping of the necessary documents the retailer made a fuss about how I brought a Stamped size photograph instead of a Passport size one. Seeing all the nagging I informed him that I certainly would bring it the next day, and left the store.
 The next day another executive came over to our house for verification and when I asked him about the photograph, he said it wasn’t mandatory to provide a passport sized one. Still to be absolutely certain, I called up the retail shop and he assured me that if need arises to provide a passport sized photograph, he would inform me.

According to the retail shop executive , the GSM sim would be activated within a week but the connection would be cut off for a whole day when the CDMA to GSM transfer happens.

Now yesterday a message popped up saying the GSM sim would be activated within 2 hours time. And in the morning when I checked, neither did the GSM nor did the CDMA have any network. Recalling what the man had said about one day gap, I waited patiently. However when I went to a local recharge shop, they informed me that I needed to call up customer care to activate the sim.

I did as told, and then began the story of utter annoyance!! I was put on hold for a good 5 minutes before getting a chance to speak to a customer care executive. I told her my details and without wasting any time, she put me on another round of hold. After which she told me that I needed to visit their Outlet once again, for the” connection has been processed but there is some other problem.”
By this time I had lost my patience with all the holding and her broken English. I told her to connect my call to her senior and after 5 minutes the senior spoke to me, and went ahead with the same exact process, telling me I needed to talk to my retailer, for they never send the documents.

Having lost my patience already, I called up the retailer who instead of listening to me started back chatting. And worst still, he seemed to have imagined me going and dropping of a “passport sized “photograph. I told him why the documents had not been sent. And he charged me saying why I called him so late when the connection transfer had happened yesterday.
He told he that I needed to call on a particular number to activate the sim and very confidently accused me of forgetting that he had mentioned it on that day. (Which he didn’t)!!

So summing up this whole chaotic phone calling fiasco, all I can say is, Telecom companies really need to employ better people, since if this is the way the service continues, it won’t too long, before the popularity drops.
I still can't understand why they would assign people to the English speaking department, when they can’t even frame a sentence in English properly! And also Companies, please employ people with better remembrance power, because the retailers for sure have some amazing imagination , where they visualize customers dropping for documents or confidently demand of providing a particular information. Also Companies should train their employees to speak nicely and politely instead of snapping at the customers and back chatting with them.

Absolutely irritated with the service, I wish I could do something about it. But all I can do if put it down in writing.


  1. even i can feel ur anger nw .. yep hate customer care services !

    1. Yes, had to go through a lot of trouble.