Thursday, 20 March 2014

Physical copy V/s Ebooks

This decade has seen the rise of e-books like never before. E-books or electronic books have been widely appreciated in the book market for a variety of reasons .

  1. The space saver
    Anyone and everyone , irregardless of a physical book or e-book lover , will agree on this point. It is the most obvious advantage of an e-book. It saves space !! You buy books and you are immediately haunted by the question of finding an adequate area in your room to fit those!! Your E-books reader takes care of that problem. 
  2. The Cheaper Source
    -now this flows from the space saver point of view. When you fail to find any spot to fit in your books, (obviously your book shelf is filled with all the book buying), you are then forced to purchase a new book shelf to stock in your recent book collection. E-book spares you all that drama. So you save up on the furniture purchase :)
    -another way how e-book helps save money is most e-book versions are a lot cheaper than the actual book, as a result you are more drawn towards an e-book. (Money matters!!)
  3. The Accessibility
    When you decide on reading a physical copy, you either go to the library or your local book store . But with e-books that is not the case , since your books are only a few clicks away!
    p.s.- even in online shopping , you need to wait until delivery!

Now having said that, lets talk about the Physical books. For me , books mean a physical copy which you could feel and touch , a few hundred pages filled with someone's creative writing bound together. Books mean the printed pages!!
With the Advantages of e-book shouting loud and clear about its worthiness, I would still prefer BUYING PHYSICAL BOOKS over e-books. Yes you read it right !! 
The feel of reading with a book in hand cannot be replaced by an electronic device. The pleasure of holding a book and reading it , absorbing all the words and its beauty , is a divine sensation.
Yes it leads to spending a lot of money and jamming up your room, but who said you have to buy all the books. Buy only the ones that you absolutely love and want to re-read over and over again. And library is always there to help you out. Somehow with the whole e-book vibe doing the rounds , there is a constant fear that the business of  printed pages is facing. And that is scary ! I cannot imagine a world where physical books are no longer available .
I would thus requested each and everyone of you to make an effort and keep the physical books business alive .Though my contribution is negligible in the eye of a vast publishing industry, if everyone's negligible contribution is added it can lead to a significant amount and help change the fate of Physical books. 

With love

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