Friday, 20 September 2013

Prince Charming On His White Horse

Every girl has a dream to fall in love with the perfect man , who will love her unconditionally. Sometimes they wait for a very long time for that to happen. And sometimes they just plunge into a relationship without giving it much thought , only to realize that he wasn’t “the one “.

I belong to the former category . I have this strange idea about “love” , that I will be approached by my prince charming and that it is worth waiting for. Though it is a little too much to ask for , considering the current situation of ugly break ups and nasty fights happening everywhere . Not one single person in my friend circle has had a “stable relationship” .  All I hear them say is –“ Its too much. I need space. I need my time .. “ and the list goes on… I don’t understand ,what do they see in the guy in the first place that they droll over him, and then within 2 months time they have had enough of “the charm” ! 

The new concept
Growing up reading fairy tales and happy endings , this situation makes me question whether the concept o f true love has extinguished all together?! Everyone seems to enjoy being together but as soon as commitments crawl in , things start to fall apart.  

With all this going on, I find my chances of finding my Prince Charming pretty sleek. Still I will take my chances and wait for him !! :)

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