Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Building Courage

Completely justifying the title of this post, my attempt to create a blog and write about what I feel, what I think, what I do, etc has been my first step towards BELIEVING  in myself.
  I am that sort of a person who doubts herself at every possible opportunity that she gets. This off course has held me back in doing a lot of things that I had wished to do, thus becoming the single most obstacle in my life.
  Being a recent college pass out , I have realized that if I don't overcome this barrier I will not be able to go ahead in life. Is it even possible to venture into something , without believing in yourself? Let alone achieving it.
  See its not like I fail in everything that I lay my hands on. To be completely honest , its quite the contrary. I end up completing what i started and even gain decent amount of praise from others.
The Question "why I don't believe in myself" has given me quite a bit of restlessness . And thus I figured it is only a delusion . Its just that I am afraid to take risks, I am afraid to try something new in the fear that I might not succeed. The fear of failure was the sole reason for all the unnecessary self-doubting . 

   So now that I have build up some amount of self confidence , I'm hoping that I will keep alive the faith in myself, in my capabilities and will move forward in life with hope!

Being a First time writer , I apologize for the mistakes and errors .I hope you guys will like the post and show your support so that I can continue to improve myself . Lots of love. Have A Great Day ! :)