Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Expect the Unexpected

ow often we fall prey to this quote“expect the unexpected” . And probably this is the best way to describe my past few days.

Never did I imagine that, what I thought would be boring and unfruitful  ,would turn out to be such an amazing experience . This is the experience I had in my orientation training , which took place over a span of seven days.  From searching the centre, to awkwardly talking to the neighbouring person, to making an utter fool of ourself during the introduction was  what the first day comprised of.

During tea breaks , the room would turn into a fish market with everyone talking at the top of their voice.
And during lunch , we would sit together and talk about anything and everything under the sun. In which,  commenting on the food given to us would top the list followed by the extremely uncomfortable chairs we had to sit on and the list would go on.

By the time the last day came , we all had realized that this was the last time we are seeing each other until the next training program or tuition class. But that was proven wrong when all of us met on Christmas eve . The evening was filled with laughter and enjoyment , madness and foolishness .  

We all parted ways only to meet up soon and have another fun night out . Till then we would keep our insanity with us .

Hope you enjoyed reading this , Happy Holidays everyone . Merry Christmas and a Happy new year.

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